In 2020, we have seen the breakthrough of e-bikes. With the foldable DOHIKER Y1 e-bike, best scooters for 9 year olds there is now a small but very powerful model as a perfect companion. With the restriction that a road permit is missing. Perfect but for all those who want to bridge longer distances more often on private property (e.B. corresponding camping sites).

DOHIKER Y1 folding electric bike

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you get the e-bike with a whopping 22% discount.

(By shipping from Poland, it should be delivered directly within a week and thus before Christmas.)


Massive Capacity Battery: Our electric bike is powered by a rechargeable 10 Ah battery and can move for 35 to 45 km in all-electric mode and 50 to 60 km in an electric auxiliary mode without worrying about power outages.

Central shock absorber: Equipped with a central shock absorber, you will no longer bump into each other while driving.

Superior security: The bright LED headlight and taillight provide more safety and make it safer for night driving. This design could significantly reduce the occurrence of accidents. Front and rear disc brakes provide more control and more reliable stopping.

Easy to fold: The bike can be easily folded up to save more space for storage. The foldable head design is also great for convenient transportation. The height of the saddle is adjustable, you can freely adjust the height as needed.

Three working modes: This electric bike supports three riding modes: all-electric mode, electric support mode, and normal mode. You can choose the right working mode according to your requirements.

IP54 Waterproof: The water resistance is IP54, so you can protect your trip on rainy days.

Details DOHIKER Y1


Model: Y1

Color black

Tire diameter: 14 inches

Load capacity: 120kg

Maximum speed: 25 km/h

Mileage for all-electric mode: 35-45 km

Mileage for electric assistant mode: 50-60 km

Maximum degree capability: 15°

Waterproof: IP54

Battery Capacity: 10Ah

Rated Power: 350W

Rated voltage: 36V

Charging time: 5-6 hours

Folding size: 120 cm x 22 cm

Unfolding size: 120 cm x 49 cm x 105 cm

Net weight: 21 kg

DOHIKER Y1 Delivery Content

1x DOHIKER Y1 electric bike

1x Charger

1x assembly tool

1x User manual

Wizzard 2.0 City e Scooter

The Wizzard 2.0 City e-Scooter is one of the fastest electric scooters on the market. With up to 35 km/h, it clearly beats most scooters. How the Wizzard 2.0 performs in the test we will find out, first we limit ourselves to the information and test results that are already available. It comes from the manufacturer Monowheel, which already has a lot of experience in the micro-mobility segment.

Wizzard 2.0 City e Scooter

With its powerful hub motor, the scooter has 350 watts of continuous power (500 watts max.) which is 50 watts more than, for example, the popular Ninebot ES2. The built-in Sony Li-Ion battery stores enough energy for a range of up to 40 kilometers with one charge. Here, too, the manufacturer’s specification is significantly higher than that of many market competitors.

The maximum top speed is given as 40 km/h. On the one hand, the model is extremely fast, on the other hand, there will be no approval in this form in the course of the change in the law for micromobility. Here, manufacturer Wizzard would have to ensure by means of a software update that the scooter locks at 20 km / h.


Brand manufacturer (Monowheel)

40 kilometers range

35-40 km/h

Pneumatic tires (instead of solid rubber)




No approval in DE

High price

Only one brake

Sturdy construction

The Wizzard 2.o weighs about 14.5 kilograms. Thus, it is not lightweight but also not heavier than similar models. What distinguishes it, however, is the total weight of 120 kilograms. So even heavier people can enjoy an electric scooter for the city. Most comparable test devices are only approved for up to 100 kilograms. In addition, the Wizzard 2.0 City is foldable and can therefore be easily transported and stowed away.


First of all, speed can be regulated in three stages. You can choose between 6, 20, and 40 km/h. After all, the two modes are in line with the expected change in the law. On the rear wheel, there is a drum brake, which can be used by pressing the brake pull on the handlebars. Since the scooter lacks a second brake, it will not be legally usable, at least in Germany.

As anti-theft protection, the model has a shrill alarm system, which can be focused on by remote control. So you can quickly get a bread roll from the baker without the device being moved undetected. Practical!


Since the Wizzard can also master longer distances due to its power, driving comfort is also a test factor to consider. First of all, it is positive that the Wizzard 2.0 has been equipped with pneumatic tires. These are usually smoother than solid rubber tires. The Monowheel Wizzard 2.0 is further cushioned by means of additional shock absorbers.

Also well solved is the onboard computer. It has an easy-to-read display that provides information about the speed, the kilometers traveled, and the battery life.

Scope of delivery

In addition to the scooter itself, the scope of delivery also includes a charger (AC 100V-240V) and the operating instructions. Everything is safely packed in a large cardboard box. Optionally, a seat for the e-scooter is available, so that you can sit on the butt during longer rides.



Operating instructions

Battery: Runtime and charging time

With a range of 40 kilometers, Monowheel definitely has a big plus over other manufacturers. The battery is charged in less than five hours, which is slightly above most other models.

Wizzard 2.0 E Scooter review

We do not yet have a review of the Wizzard 2.0 E Scooter, as we have not yet received the model. So let’s limit ourselves to taking a look at the reviews and ratings of Wizzard 2.0 on the web.

On Amazon, the model received an average of 4 stars out of 26 reviews.

Especially people over 100 kilograms are pleased that they are carried by scooter and have even driven faster than 30 km / h at the peak.

Customer service is also positively emphasized, which processes complaints quickly and fairly.

Only one user has been awarded a star, as he could not charge the battery after just a few weeks. The manufacturer referred to the warranty and directly offered an exchange of the components.

Wizzard 2.0 – For whom is the model suitable

In a view of the change in the law,long range electric scooters is especially suitable for all those who travel a lot outside of Germany. There are fewer requirements for use than at home. It will not receive approval with the current specifications. For campers and travelers, however, it’s a great and space-saving way to carry additional electric mobility. Because the small dimensions make stowage in the trunk, in the caravan, or on the houseboat easy. Due to its top speed of -realistically- about 35 km / h it is significantly faster than most other scooters. If in doubt, you can test the Wizzard 2.0 yourself and send it back to the online shop of trust if you don’t like it.


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