Free Entertainment Websites

These entertainment sites provide fun and interesting content that grabs your attention. Leaving you wanting more. They are also great for delays. Also, most have been around for years so they are safe to surf.

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6 Best Free Entertainment websites

At the end of the day, we all need a little entertainment. Whether it’s watching your favorite TV show or playing a game with your friends, there are plenty of sites out there that allow you to enjoy yourself without spending a dime.

Here are some of the best free entertainment websites:

1. Netflix

If you love movies and TV shows, then Netflix is definitely the place for you. With an extensive library of content and new episodes being added constantly, Netflix is one of those apps that everyone should have on their phones or tablets. Check out some of our other articles on Netflix here and here.

2. Crackstreams.con

Crackstreams.con is a website that is used to distribute cracks for all kinds of software, including games and programs. The site is run by an organization called “The Billionaire Boys Club” (TBC), which has been in operation since the 1990s.

The site operates in a similar fashion to other pirate sites, such as The Pirate Bay, in that it uses BitTorrent technology to distribute its content and utilizes a peer-to-peer network. However, unlike The Pirate Bay or other torrent sites, Crackstreams does not allow users to upload their own files or share them with others. 

Instead, users must use one of the many cracks available on the site to open up their purchased software while they are still connected to the Internet. Once they disconnect from their ISP’s connection, however, they will no longer be able to access the program unless they reconnect within 24 hours of disconnection (this time period can be changed by changing your browser settings).

3. YouTube

YouTube has been around since 2005 and has become the go-to site for videos online. You can watch funny cat videos, music videos from your favorite artists, tutorials from experts in various fields, and much more! Plus, YouTube also offers its own original content such as Cobra Kai Season 2 on YouTube Premium or Channel Zero Season 4 on Freeform! You can also check out our article about what else YouTube has to offer here. To downloader video easily from Facebook and YouTube, stay with the Y2mate.

4. Spotify Music

Spotify Music is another great app for streaming music from all over the world at no cost whatsoever! There are millions upon millions of songs available at all times so you.

5. Flickr

 Flickr is a photo management and sharing application that helps you organize your photos, videos, and albums. Flickr is managed by Yahoo Inc.

Flickr was launched in February 2004 by Ludicorp, a Vancouver-based startup. In June 2005, it was acquired by Yahoo! Inc. for US$35 million. While Flickr has historically been a free service with paid accounts available for those wishing to remove advertisements and gain additional storage space, on June 18, 2015, Flickr announced that it would be free for all users with no limits on storage or the number of images uploaded.

Flickr’s market dominance was challenged in November 2006 when Google introduced Picasa Web Albums as part of Google Labs. The launch of Picasa Web Albums led to speculation about whether Yahoo’s ownership of Flickr might end up being harmful to Flickr, but then-Yahoo CEO Terry Semel stated that he believed Picasa would complement Flickr.

6. iFlix 

iFlix is a subscription video-on-demand service that provides unlimited access to TV shows and movies from an extensive catalog.

iFlix is available on the web, as well as on mobile devices running iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. You can watch from anywhere in the world.

The iFlix service offers a free 7-day trial period that allows you to test its features before deciding whether or not to subscribe. Plans start at $4.99 per month for one device and $9.99 per month for two devices (one of which must be a TV).

All plans include a selection of movies and TV shows that are updated weekly, with new titles added every day. To get kinds of information, stay with tech tablepro


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