In our current test, we introduce you to the Fun Pro-One children’s scooter. As a young couple of parents with a penchant for scooters, we already wanted to set the course for a happy childhood and of course, the scooter should not be missing.

What do we as parents attach particular importance to? The toy must first and foremost be safe, everything else is secondary. If it is easy to use, the child also likes it visually and you can simply clean the small sports equipment and store it when not in use – then we are happy without desire. Whether the Fun Pro-One meets these requirements you will find out in the test.

The Fun Pro One is delivered

A large cardboard box announces great things. Safely packed, the Fun Pro Scooter is delivered to us in outer packaging, transport damage was not apparent. You can simply order the nimble speedster on the web.

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Unpacking and assembly

While e-scooters and adult scooters are often only partially pre-assembled, the smart children’s speedster is already pre-assembled. In addition to the scooter, there is a helpful operating manual as well as an Imbus key and a screwdriver in the scope of delivery.

As always, I recommend reading the instruction manual first and then starting the assembly. Since this is only two pages of content, this is also quickly from the hand.

The construction of the Fun Pro is done quickly. Release the quick release, fold down the handlebars and tighten all screws once for a safety. Now just adjust the handlebar to the desired height and the construction is ready.

First impression

Everything is stable and child-friendly. Those were my first thoughts. The scooter is designed for a maximum weight of 50 kilograms of load and I trust the small children’s scooter to do the same.

Fun Pro-One in the test

Especially liked the high-quality rubber handles. Here, children’s hands can securely enclose the handlebars. The non-slip running board is large enough to give children’s feet a firm footing. It is also nice that the handlebar is height-adjustable in three stages.

The scooter stands on three solid rubber tires, two larger wheels in front, a smaller rear. If you want to bring the scooter to a stop quickly, you step on the rear mudguard and brake the rear wheel. So far so good.

By the way, it is steered by shifting the weight or by tilting the handlebar. The principle is quickly learned by kids but differs somewhat from the principle of children’s bicycles. However, the later adaptation should be a “child’s play”.

The manufacturer specifies the ideal starting age for children from the age of two. Depending on the physical development of the little rascals, you can of course decide for yourself as a couple of parents whether the scooter should be used sooner or later.

Since the scooter has two tires next to each other at the front, it is of course more stable than a classic children’s scooter with two tires. This makes the scooter safer, especially during the first driving tests.

The Hamburg-based manufacturer Superlunary also has a TÜV test for the fun pro One.

Other advantages that make the scooter safer and set it apart from “China imports”. All neuralgic points are reinforced with metal parts.

The fact that the scooter is not only safe but also child-friendly can be recognized by at least two features! On the one hand, it is available in six different colors and, on the other hand, its castors light up when driving thanks to integrated LEDs. These sometimes even contribute to better visibility when driving.

The scooter clearly has its ideal field of application on paved roads. The rollers are not suitable for cobblestones or forest paths.

Also available but not yet tested: Fun Two

In addition to the small scooter, Superlunary also has a children’s scooter from the age of five in the program: The fun pro Two. This is suitable for kids up to 80 kilograms (or parents who absolutely want to jet with a children’s scooter).

The price

Well, dear parents, dear grandmas, and grandpas. Quality has a price. In the case of the fun pro One scooter, this is about 70 €. With proper use, however, the scooter grows with you for a few years and can become a faithful companion on walks and excursions. Sustainable production in the EU, as well as high-quality materials, have their price.


The fun pro One children’s scooter offers a great introduction to mobility. Thanks to three tires and a well-thought-out concept (good handles, non-slip running board, rear brake), children can learn wheels quickly and have a fairly safe vehicle under their feet.


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