Richard Iamunno

Richard Iamunno is the CEO of the Atlantic international capital Digital Asset Group, and he leads a leadership team of experienced staff to support the company’s development. Richard becomes passionate about helping high-net-worth people, such as entertainers and celebrities, build their investment portfolios with digital assets like non-fungible tokens. Lamuno brings over 30 years of experience as a global boutique investment industry leader. He wishes to concentrate expertise cover that follows the different skills like offering them to businesses based on the new and updated blockchain technologies, capital formation, and other active Thiers trading. Then he wishes to help the people and other companies to make the right and effective game plan for doing business using digital properties. To gather further details about him, you just  click below, which lets him collect all his personal information. 

 Interested different areas 

He is most interested in developing the college and the company that utilizes the new Crypto and provides the best support at all times. He fully supports the traditional Investment and other banking consulting features. Apart from that, he wishes to help the people and companies navigate the overall exciting new world of cryptocurrency and make new gaming a chance. He is interested in different areas such as mergers and acquisitions, investment and raising general growth capital. 

We hand to expose the attendee to the potential of digital assets, offer comprehensive education and possible solution to the luxury industry impacted by the global pandemic year, and provide the best support and solution at all times. His passion gives excellent support craft strategies for the overall digital asset and spends the money on the indicative of his willingness to support the other people to understand what is going on now and what is fresh. Before going to the AIC, he wished to love the new investment, which was in his work in the previous leadership roles at the online game sign systems Ltd. 

Joint achievement at AIC:

Before starting AIC, he founded the online gaming system LTD and a global public company in 1994, where you have to serve as president and CEO. According to the leadership, this system delivers interactive gaming systems to the customer-operating insider in the land-based gaming industry. Online gaming systems improve the marketed several internets according to the private network based on the different products such 

  • Web sports 
  • Real sports 
  • Lotto Magic 
  • Bingo blast 
  • Hotel Hot links 

 Based on the leadership of RIC and he is experienced in the different parts of the milestone, such as service to streamline the school acceptance of crypto-backed funding and digital asset provider and offer the number of colleges and universities. Expedited ways to access the general funds are based on the current digital currencies. U.S superyacht association summit in March 2022, and it will be held in Florida. Click below the link that provides great ideas and exceptional support to give the best views at all times.This event brings out the summit members and yacht owners to exchange data and ideas about the overall challenges met by the overall yachting industry. 


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