the super-interesting Book of Gates
the super-interesting Book of Gates

Is the Metaverse ‘sexy’? From a marketing perspective, it certainly has become so! We’ve already seen big names in private equity, corporations, and individuals just like yourself invest over $120 billion just this year- more than double that of 2021. What’s driving so many people to explore this exciting new space? And why have NFTs like the super-interesting Book of Gates become the cornerstone of the Metaverse industry? Let’s take a look.

Headhunting the Metaverse

We’ve already seen a ton of mergers and acquisitions in the developing Metaverse, too. Primarily of key tech companies (like Microsoft) acquiring smaller entities to immediately onboard expertise (and profit) in-house. Perhaps one of the most notable recently has been Roblox’s acquisition of, the digital avatar company.

Such consolidations are inevitable as industries mature, and the Metaverse is still very much in its infancy. Companies with an established market presence want to keep that power, and need the smart minds rich in new skills to help it grow. 

But one of the coolest factors in the wider Metaverse is that the big corporations no longer pull the strings. The owners and collectors do. With the ability to truly own your digital identity a founding cornerstone of the Metaverse, as well as take it where you will with no artificial gatekeeping imposed by business systems, the digital world is your oyster.

Entering the Metaverse with Collections like the Book of Gates

We’re far from the end stages of Metaverse development, but while that long-term vision is still refining and adapting, the early stages are very much here. Did you know that there’s over three billion gamers fueling NFT-based gaming systems and virtual worlds already? It’s getting very close to a cultural mainstream, and proof-of-concept for investors, NFT enthusiasts, and virtual world aficionados alike is getting more and more attention. Additional, and often innovative, uses are springing up almost daily. 

The idea of a decentralized creator economy is immensely appealing for many, removing the need for someone else controlling what you make, how you make it, and who uses it. Adding utility to the ownership of digital assets is the next big step- and collections like the NFT Book of Gates are literally changing the landscape in how we think about NFTs, as well as who can access them. 

So-called ‘blue-chip’ NFTs are nice and all, but what’s the point if the market hungry to experience and grow the Metaverse their way can’t even get in on the ground floor? Here’s where collections like the Book of Gates have the potential to be revolutionary. With accessible entry points, an incredibly exciting multi-use landscape in which you not only own some truly gorgeous digital collectors pieces (including a stab at the limited-edition run of the graphic novel the collection is based off of), but also the ability to play and shape the landscape, and an intriguing setting that fires up the imagination. 

It’s got a little bit of everything- and that’s where the future of NFTs and the Metaverse collide, as you change between niches, create your world your way, and explore the vast potential of this exciting new technology for yourself.


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