Prior to the hair transplant, the patient goes to the Comedic clinic for a consultation with the specialist surgeon for a detailed diagnosis of their type of alopecia and a study of their facial and cranial structure. The first thing is to analyze the particular case of each patient to determine her suitability for surgery. It is essential to carry out this initial evaluation in order to perform the hair transplant in the hairline that simulates the patient’s natural line

Before beginning the intervention, a redesign of the patient’s

 A facial frame is carried out, taking into account anatomical reference points, the type of hair, and the patient’s face.

The hair transplant is performed with the FUE technique

With which the follicular units are extracted one by one from the nape area using micro scalpels less than 1mm thick and with micro tweezers that prevent the follicle from being damaged by manipulating it. In this way, it they can select the follicular units with the highest number in Hair Clinic Dubai and control the angle and direction of hair growth, as well as the depth of the incision. For hair implantation, implanters are used, which allow the receiving incision to be made and the follicle to be deposited at the same time.

The FUE technique is a safe technique

Less invasive than others, with which it is not necessary to make cuts or sutures, so there are no visible scars in the donor area.

After the intervention, the patient receives the necessary products for the postoperative period that he will need in the following days. From that moment on, the Comedic hair surgeon who performed the operation will carry out a close and exhaustive medical follow-up of the patient to assess his evolution throughout the hair recovery process and, in this way, help him achieve best results.


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