roof installation service Frisco TX
roof installation service Frisco TX

Before the winter months hit, check your roof for damage and make repairs as necessary. Fall is the best time to inspect the roof, as you’ll avoid ice dams. Springtime is also a good time to check for storm damage. Also, remember to inspect the roof from underneath to make sure overhanging branches aren’t causing damage. A clear gutter will also prevent ice dams in the winter.

Tree limbs

Tree limbs that hang over the roof can cause damage. A professional can safely remove the branches. DIY trimming can cause further damage. Branches should be pruned at least eight feet away from the roof to prevent them from touching it. If the branches are too close to the roof, call a professional tree service to trim them. This can help avoid costly repairs.

Tree limbs can also damage the roof if they fall on your home. The leaves and limbs may contain moisture, and the roots can allow pests to enter your house. They can also damage your property and the surrounding area. Experts recommend trimming trees back six to ten feet.


If you are experiencing issues with insects in your house roof, you need to act quickly to get rid of them. There are two main reasons why this could happen. First, insects are attracted to moist environments. This is where they will reproduce. Second, they can get into your house through small cracks. This problem could lead to expensive repairs in the future.

Insects can damage the structure of your roof, causing water damage and mold growth. If you notice any of these signs, you may need to find a professional pest control company to take care of the problem roof installation service Frisco TX. The best way to identify an infestation is to examine the affected area closely. Look for signs of fecal matter and other debris that are left by pests. They can also leave bite marks.


When it comes to house roof repair service Frisco TX, flashings are important elements to consider. They protect roof penetrations from the elements, such as chimneys, skylights, and roof vents. Flashings also protect walls and valleys. They are typically made from metals, such as aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. While they are relatively cheap, metal flashings are more prone to impact damage and deterioration.

It is very important to install the right type of flashing. If the flashing is improperly installed, it can lead to leaks at corners and around chimneys. If you are unable to fix a leak, you may want to call in a professional. Usually, flashings are installed by a professional, but you can try to repair them yourself by crawling in your attic and looking for water stains.

Inspecting your roof after a storm

After a storm, it is important to check your roof to determine any damage. You should also take note of any spots where shingles may be damaged or missing. This can lead to expensive leaks. Additionally, you should check for any debris or piles of leaves, as these can retain moisture and cause major problems. Taking care of these issues early will prevent them from escalating into bigger problems later.

You should also check the roof from the inside. Look for leaks or soft spots. You should also inspect the gutters and chimney. These areas may have water or animal damage. If you can’t climb up a ladder, you can also use a drone camera to fly over your roof to check for leaks.

Spring cleaning

One of the most important home maintenance tasks to tackle during spring cleaning is roof repair. While winters can be a blessing, they can also cause some of the worst problems for the roof, including mold growth. Taking care of your roof is an annual task that will save you money and time in the long run. Using a pressure washer to clean the roof is a great way to remove dirt and prevent mold growth.

It is also important to clean the gutters. Fall leaves and debris can cause the gutters to become clogged. Keeping them clean will extend their life. You should clean your gutters at least twice per year.


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