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Having a reliable lock service is essential for business owners. It will keep your business safe from trespassers and damage to your inventory and equipment. Broken locks can leave you feeling uneasy, so you need to get your locks replaced as soon as possible. This will not only prevent criminal activity but will also keep your employees safe. Some locks are difficult to operate, especially for those with sore upper bodies or mobility issues.

Re-keying locks

Re-keying locks is a simple yet effective way to secure your property. It is a cheap alternative to replacing locks entirely. In addition to providing added security, re-keying locks can also give you peace of mind. Here are some of the benefits of re-keying your locks:

A good rule of thumb is to re-key your locks every six months to two years, depending on your turnover rate. However, you should rekey locks more frequently if there is a risk of key copying. For example, an older building may have a lot of keys still in circulation, whether it was handed down by previous owners, employees, or suppliers.

Drill proof locks

The key to drilling proof locks is knowing what you’re doing. If you don’t know how to drill a lock, you can’t be confident that it will be able to resist a break-in attempt. Drillproof locks are high-security locks that will resist being picked, bumped, or even drilled. If your business has a front door, make sure that it is properly protected.

When choosing a drill-proof lock, make sure to select one with anti-drill pins. These pins are made of hardened steel, which is much harder than a drill bit. Also, you want to be careful when drilling a euro-profile cylinder lock, because you could end up damaging the rotating cam. This would be counterproductive to the purpose of drilling-proof locks.

Keyless entry locks

Keyless entry locks offer many benefits to businesses and commercial spaces. They reduce the risk of lost or stolen keys and enable tracking of building access. Keyless entry locks enable automatic opening times, holiday schedules, and shift access. Additionally, they don’t require changing the locks when keys are misplaced or lost.

These locks are becoming increasingly popular in both residential and business settings. Instead of using a physical key, they require a code, pass card, or biometric readings to unlock the door. They can be used on multiple doors, including front doors. The installation process is simple and easy.

Master key systems

Master key systems are a great way to improve the security of a business. They provide control over who has access to a building or specific area and are cost-effective. A master key system can be customized to your specific needs, including how many access levels you require. For example, a business may need access to all of its floors or all of its apartments. Alternatively, you might only need access to one floor.

In a master key system, one key operates a number of locks. It will look like any other key in the system, and only the cut will distinguish it from others. These keys can be duplicated only with authorization and the right key blank.

Increased security

With the growing prevalence of criminal activity and the sophistication of thieves, it has become more important than ever to implement a secure access protection strategy for your business. A professional commercial locksmith can provide you with a comprehensive plan for updating your security measures. From installing new locks to replacing old ones, you can feel assured that your business is protected from unauthorized access.

If you’re looking for a professional locksmith, consider a company that specializes in high-security lock installations and repairs. Most lock manufacturers offer compatible hardware to retrofit existing locks, which can save you money on the cost of installing a new system. However, it’s important to ensure that your locksmith has the appropriate training and experience to handle the installation of high-security locks. Inexperienced or unlicensed operators can damage your locks, compromising your security.

Reduced employee turnover

Reducing employee turnover can save the company both time and money. This is particularly true for large companies. Employee turnover is typically caused by managerial actions that reduce job satisfaction. This can result in lower productivity and more antagonistic behavior. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce employee turnover in the workplace.

One way to reduce employee turnover is by focusing on engagement. According to studies, three out of four employees leave a job because they don’t feel valued. By aligning employees with the goals of the business, companies can reduce the number of employees leaving.


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