When you first drove a nice, clean car, new or secondhand,

You likely didn’t consider the future. After commuting,

deal with coffee spills, kids dropping snacks and stomping on them

road work splattering tar and mud on the car and carpet.

Your dog couldn’t hold it till you stopped walking.

Your car’s shine is probably gone. Then, detail.

Car detailing improves its condition
Detailing includes many things. Country club Car Wash washes

Full-service Las Vegas locations offer interior and exterior detailing.

Car detailing improves its exterior. Exterior details

We offer:

Our auto detailers utilize clay to remove surface

Paint contaminants. Roads are surface pollutants.

tar, pollution, or brake dust. Renewal

Your car’s paint shines and feels smoother.

After a car wash, Super Nova wax is sprayed on.

Washing conveyors. Wax protects paint by acting as a layer.

UV radiation and oxidation damage.

‍Engine top is cleaned. This removes filth.

Dusty desert air, coupled with fluids, ends up on your car’s engine.


Express hand wax is applied by hand, not sprayed.

Three-month paint protection.

‍Carnauba wax is a Brazilian palm-tree wax.

This wax can protect your paint for six months.

‍Your rims get beat up. They get rocks because they’re near the road.

They got brake dust and filth. They can be polished.

‍Yellowed headlights are common in Arizona.

hazy Sunlight deteriorates headlamp plastic over time.

headlights diminish nighttime visibility.

Headlight repair restores their clarity.

‍Orbital polish shines paint. The orbital

Paint won’t get swirls from typical buffers.

Avoid harm, yet shine. Includes six-month carnauba wax


‍This one-year paint sealer is safe for clear coatings. It

Long-lasting gel requires fewer treatments than wax, saving money over time.


‍Normal clay treatments are nice, but our Clay Magic treatment is better.

for REALLY stuck-on paint. Bug guts, sap


‍Two-step buff & wax removes small scratches.

paint scrapes and oxidation This fixes mildly damaged paint.

before it’s hopeless.

‍Simoniz Diamond Plate: If you want your

car, here. Simonize Diamond Plate lasts two years. Protects

bird droppings and acid rain can harm paint.

Arizona’s key: sun protection. SPF 100+


‍Interior detailing is just as important as exterior detailing. Overly

Interiors are generally dirtier than exteriors. Get your

These services make interiors seem great:

‍After vacuuming, your carpet looks beautiful, but consider all the filth!

surface vacuum won’t catch. Clean it using our carpet cleaner.

You may be astonished how good your hair looks after shampooing.

‍Seat & upholstery cleaning: The crumbs are gone, but that stain from

A thorough cleaning will remove the spilled soda. After,

After cleaning seats and upholstery, visit one of our Full Service convenience stores.

seat coverings So clean chairs will last longer.

‍Arizona automobile interiors need leather treatment. Dry

Without conditioning, leather seats dry out and crack in hot climates. This

They’ll stay flexible and live longer with treatment.

‍Clean dash, doors, and console. Lots of

Once you eliminate the grime, your inside will gleam. Perhaps

Reframe it.

‍Details: Get your dash, doors, console, seats and carpet cleaned. Honestly,

This is our greatest deal; cleaning everything at once saves money.

instead of separating services. If you’re getting carpet,

Do you wish to leave out shampooed seats? Make your whole

Interior should look new.

‍With our detailing options, you’ll find something for your Automobile.

Country club auto spa can restore its appearance. When you’re



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