Besides personal use, social media has played an active role in enhancing the way businesses market their products and services. It has changed how bands retain customers and develop their customer base. New websites like Tiktok Marketing from SocialWick emerge every now and then. Social media creates room for businesses to get creative and innovative about their marketing plans.

These platforms are the ideal place for companies to connect with their target markets in a timely manner. Social media provides considerable data to help corporations compete effectively and make sound decisions. After collecting the data, social media analysis breaks down the information into the practical market and user insights.

Key Social Media Metrics

Depending on your business goals, you can choose the suitable essential metrics to operate an analysis across your social media accounts. It is crucial that you keep tabs on the quality of the metrics if you want to acquire useful insights. NetBase Quid can guide you on the essential metrics that could uncover useful details to improve your social media marketing strategies.

If you want swift and accurate analytics solutions in real-time, this platform is right for you. NetBase Quid utilizes NLP (National Language Processing) to know and categorize complex languages. This ensures companies have accurate data that influences their decisions. Below are some of the main metrics that you should monitor.


The volume of mentions lets you know how many times your hashtags, keywords, and brand were mentioned within a specific time frame. Mentions are the basis of a social media analysis since, eventually, the goal of maintaining and expanding social media channels is to improve your brand awareness to targeted and existing clients. The mentions of a brand increase as more people discuss your brand.

Monitoring keywords enable you to organize your content to attain a higher ranking on search engines and grow your audience. Tracking keywords also raise your presence and promotes the growth of your brand’s voice. SoFurry search engine targets the searches from your audience and analyzes the keywords to identify the needs of your clients.


As businesses assess the sentiments of their audience, they can tell how their brand is perceived. This helps when performing an accurate analysis of the number of brand mentions. A drastic increase in negative mentions could be a sign of an emerging social media crisis. With continuous monitoring, you can catch these problems in time and come up with a proper response before things escalate.

The Voice Share

 Depending on the metrics you choose, you can know the percentage of online conversations initiated in a specific social media account. You can expect a high voice share from an influential channel. Customers consider brands with influential accounts as market leaders, which results in more generation of sales leads.

How to Improve Marketing Strategies Through Social Media Analysis

Social media is a vital digital marketing element since most consumers spend their time online. Therefore, businesses can easily reach millions of customers internationally within the shortest time possible while employing minimal resources. Companies can boost their leads and sales, engage consumers, and build on brand awareness. Keeping track of new technologies and trends remains crucial due to the dynamic nature of social media.

The gradual shift in social media algorithms could considerably affect your marketing strategies. For this reason, companies should analyze every social media activity to promote successful marketing campaigns as well as consumer engagements. Identifying and telling the difference between real issues and seasonal changes could help readjust your goals. Almost everyone has a digital footprint which works in favor of business marketers. They can hold real-time engagements with their consumers.

Final Word

 Businesses can evaluate the number of likes, downloads, and clicks in a certain type of content. This is possible through social media analysis, where businesses can develop improved products thanks to their understanding of the market.


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