Cryptos are on everyone’s mind these days and with good reasons too. Stories of people turning billionaires overnight are everywhere. It’s now become fashionable to own Bitcoins. Where are you in all of this?

If you are still not a part of this craze, maybe it is time for you to rethink your decision. Crypto buying and selling have become easier than before. And you can give the credit for this to Bitcoin ATMs.

How have Bitcoin ATMs made it easy for beginners to start transacting cryptos?

Finding a Bitcoin ATM is easy nowadays, no matter where you are based in the US. If you reside in Tennessee, for instance, you should start searching online for a “Bitcoin machine near me”. You will be pleasantly surprised to find quite a few nearby locations. But, not all are two-way machines.

If you want to sell Bitcoins you will learn that you need a two-way machine to do this. These machines allow you to buy and sell Bitcoins. Remember, you also need a Bitcoin wallet ready before you can withdraw cash from the machine.

Selling cryptos for cash at a Bitcoin ATM in Tennessee:

To know how to sell Bitcoins in exchange for cash, you need to follow some simple steps.

  • To begin with, you must create an account. This shouldn’t take much time and you can register using a smartphone or any mobile device.
  • You need to find a Bitcoin ATM near you to withdraw money. Different operators have different crypto ATM locations. You will find a list of the nearest locations when you go to their official websites.
  • You must have the wallet address ready for converting Bitcoins into cash. To be able to withdraw cash from a Bitcoin kiosk, you must already have Bitcoins in this wallet. 
  • The wallet address is the private key. In case you have more than one wallet, you will have more than one key. Remember to choose the right one for the transaction.
  • As you log into the account you have to choose the options to “withdraw” cash. Now, you need to type in the amount of cash you will withdraw. The equivalent amount of BTC will be transferred from your wallet.
  • When the transaction has been confirmed through the blockchain, you get cash in hand. Usually, the waiting time is not more than half an hour, depending on how congested the network is.

Sounds simple, right? So, what are you waiting for? Buying Bitcoins is also straightforward and hassle-free when you are using a Bitcoin ATM in Tennessee. The only thing you must remember is that such transactions come for a price.

All operators of Bitcoin machines will charge users a fee for transactions. This isn’t low; so search for an operator which charges affordable fees. But, at the same time, using a Bitcoin ATM means that your prices will not fluctuate as what happens when you trade through an exchange. So, it’s actually a safe and convenient option for a beginner.


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