When you need tree trimming services, the first thing you need to know is how much it will cost. There are several factors that can affect the price of the job, including the condition of the tree, whether it is accessible or not, and the type of equipment used. The cost of tree trimming services also varies depending on whether you need a crane or bucket truck to reach the top of the tree. Emergency services are also available. You can schedule tree trimming services during off-season or after a tree has fallen in your yard.

Cost of tree trimming

Tree trimming services need to have a team of professional employees and use chainsaws and pole-operated saws. This job requires specialized equipment, such as safety glasses and hearing protection. Employees should have training in proper equipment use and safety. Otherwise, they can be liable for accidents, which will raise the cost of tree trimming. Likewise, they should have workers’ compensation insurance. Fortunately, many companies in New York provide these services for free.

Trees that are hard to reach can significantly raise the cost of tree trimming services. For instance, limbs that are too large to be handled with a ladder may have to be manually lowered, which will increase the overall cost of the service. In addition, bucket trucks and platform lifts may not be able to handle trees in these areas, which will increase the cost of the service. A good way to avoid adding extra costs to the service is to hire a local tree service company.

Hazards of performing tree trimming

Tree trimming poses many dangers for workers. Many workers are at risk for serious injuries or even death. Some tree trimmers have jobs with electric utilities, cable television and telephone companies. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), there were 181 fatalities in the industry between 1980 and 1988. The most common cause of death was electrocution, followed by falls. The hazards in the tree trimming industry are so high that the NIOSH has issued an Alert to provide workers with safety guidelines. This Alert describes eight fatal incidents involving tree trimmers, six of which occurred during normal maintenance.

Trees and branches that are not well tended are particularly hazardous. A falling limb can injure an employee with a significant impact. To minimize the risk of injury, employers must install a fall protection system and train their employees on safe trimming methods. Hazardous plants, including poison ivy and poison oak, may pose an added threat. A QTW should be on site at all times to oversee the trimming process.

Methods of performing tree trimming

Several different methods exist for tree trimming services. There are two general types: crown thinning and removing excess growth. Crown thinning involves removing live branches in order to reduce the overall density of the tree. Crown thinning increases air circulation and sunlight penetration while reducing stress on the selected limbs. However, both types of pruning require skill, experience, and knowledge of the climate. Here are the two most common methods of tree trimming.

Pruning trees is an important part of landscaping, and there are many different reasons to prune your trees. Whether you’re doing it to make your property look better or to boost the trees’ performance, you’ll want to make sure you’re hiring professionals who know what they’re doing. Performing tree pruning services can also help protect your trees from dangerous pests and diseases. Experts have extensive training and safety measures in place.

Hourly rates for tree trimming

Tree trimming services charge by the hour, rather than by the tree. This is beneficial because you don’t have to pay the entire fee up front, and you’ll save time and travel costs. Hourly rates for tree trimming services range from $50 to $80 per worker. The higher the number of workers, the more expensive the job will be. However, the price you pay for a tree trimming service may depend on the size and health of your tree. A large tree may be more difficult to trim and may require an entire removal. An hourly rate for tree trimming services will cover everything from the initial quote to assembling the necessary equipment. It will also include cutting large limbs shaping the tree and cleaning up the tree. Depending on the size of your tree, the work can take anywhere from three to six hours. Make sure you choose a professional if your tree is too large to manage yourself. Make sure you have a lot of time before the job begins and don’t expect the tree trimmer to be done quickly.


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