A commercial carpet cleaner uses hotter and more powerful equipment to clean rugs. These machines help release grease, oils, and dyes from carpets. Because these types of stains are more difficult to remove, these professionals have the right equipment to handle the job. You may be wondering how much it will cost to hire a commercial carpet cleaner. Here are some things to consider before you hire one. Hopefully, these tips will help you choose the right company for your carpet cleaning needs.

Cleaning method

One popular cleaning method for commercial carpet cleaners is the hot water extraction method, sometimes referred to as steam cleaning. This method uses high-pressured water to wash dirt and oil-based compounds out of the carpet. After cleaning, a powerful vacuum removes the dirty water. This method is effective at removing deep-down dirt, and is the preferred method of most major carpet manufacturers and fiber producers. However, it has some disadvantages.

Dry compound cleaning is a great way to clean most types of carpets without the use of water. This method removes nearly all dirt and moisture from the carpet. It dries the carpet quickly, reducing the risk of resoiling. While it is safe for all types of carpets, it does not remove odors or staining as effectively as other methods. In addition, it is expensive.


In today’s world, providing top-quality services is vital to the success of a commercial carpet cleaning business. Customers appreciate an excellent job, which in turn improves customer retention rates. Satisfied customers refer you to their friends and family, which further increases your business. Here are some tips for choosing the right equipment for your business. Read on to learn more about the different types of commercial carpet cleaning equipment. Let your employees help you select the right tools.

Modern carpet cleaning equipment is easy to maneuver and is specifically designed to make the job of a carpet cleaner easier. Lightweight and easy-to-clean machines reduce the need for team members to move from one job to another. Older equipment slows down the cleaning process and fosters frustration amongst employees. Lightweight, easy-to-use machines ease the work load for carpet cleaners, keep them happy, and improve your bottom line.


To determine the cost of commercial carpet cleaning, look at how much the service should cost per square foot. Prices can range from ten cents to more than 30 cents, but the exact amount can depend on many factors, including machine size, cleaning products, and operator experience. Large commercial contractors usually figure that regular carpet care will cost twelve to sixteen cents per square foot, although small jobs will probably command a higher rate. In general, a janitorial account should be cheaper.

Commercial carpet cleaning is a complex job. The cost varies based on various factors. The amount of time a carpet cleaner spends on a job and the type of chemicals they use can vary greatly. Some companies charge more for large jobs, while others charge less. The time and effort involved in commercial carpet cleaning should be factored in as well, because large jobs can take longer. Ultimately, the cost depends on whether the carpet cleaning service is providing a thorough clean, which is usually the most expensive option.


There are a few different types of business licenses that a commercial carpet cleaner may need. If you plan on cleaning large areas of carpets, you will need a Certificate of Occupancy from the city or county where you live. This will allow you to operate in the area as long as you follow the rules and regulations. In some cases, you will need a home occupation permit as well. Contact the local clerk’s office for more information.

In most cases, you must register your business with the appropriate state and local government bodies and collect sales tax. Find out what you need to do and get some free advice. Most businesses must also sign a service agreement with their clients. This will clarify the expectations of both parties and minimize legal disputes. Other important documents to include in your service agreement are payment terms, service level expectations, and intellectual property ownership. If you have a website, you can offer special coupons to encourage customers to choose your company over other competitors.


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