To become a certified mortgage advisor, candidates must complete the required coursework and pass the required exams. After the initial examination, candidates must complete at least four hours of continuing education (CE) per year and pass the corresponding exam. This is required to keep up with industry changes and to maintain mortgage licensure. The certification process costs $700.

Qualifications to become a certified mortgage advisor

There are several requirements for certification to become a certified mortgage advisor, including having at least two years of experience and having completed at least 20 hours of mortgage education. Candidates must also have a government-issued photo ID. The exam includes 125 questions and costs $350, or $200 if you are a member of NAMB. The questions cover topics such as business ethics, loan origination, automated mortgage systems, underwriting, and self-marketing techniques.

Qualifications to become a certified mortgage advisor require strong communication and math skills. It is essential to have experience in the mortgage industry and be detail-oriented. In addition, mortgage advisors must be able to pass a background check and have a good credit score. There are also several training courses for mortgage advisors available online.

The CMA certification is a recognized gold standard in the mortgage industry. It is awarded to professionals who meet rigorous training and education requirements and who commit to adhering to the ethical standards set by the National Association of Certified Mortgage Advisors. This means that CMA professionals put their clients’ interests first.

To be certified by NAMB, a mortgage broker must be licensed to practice. In addition, a mortgage broker cannot apply for certification if they have been convicted of a financial crime. Certification by the NAMB also requires that candidates adhere to a Code of Ethics and best lending practices.

Exam requirements

There are two different exams to become a certified mortgage advisor. The General Mortgage Associate (GMA) exam is designed for those with less than two years of experience in mortgage sales and finance. The GMA test requires candidates to demonstrate their knowledge of the mortgage industry and basic computer skills. The exam also requires candidates to submit a government-issued photo ID.

The Certified Mortgage Advisor (CMA) certification is the gold standard for professionals in the mortgage industry. Certified professionals meet high standards for education and training and are committed to educating their clients. They also meet strict ethical standards that require them to put their clients’ interests first. They are bound by an oath to uphold the standards of the certification.

The CMC exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions that test an applicant’s knowledge of the mortgage industry and its laws, business practices, ethics, insurance, and commercial mortgage lending. Applicants must score 75% on the test to pass. Applicants must have a minimum of 20 credit hours of mortgage education to earn the credential.

There are two main types of certifications available to mortgage professionals. Those with a general degree may obtain the General Mortgage Associate certification, while those with at least two years of industry experience may apply for the Certified Mortgage Consultant (CMA). Both certifying bodies require applicants to meet strict guidelines and abide by the Code of Ethics. In addition, applicants must fulfill NAMB’s continuing education requirements to earn their CMC designation.

Re-examination process Applicants who submit an application after midnight on September 15, 2017 will be required to complete three hours of pre-licensing education. However, they will not need to take a state-specific test or provide a state criminal background check. The application form must be submitted in Excel format.


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