Emergency Sewage Damage Cleanup

Sewage damage not only presents unpleasant odor difficulties but may also cause property destruction and present unnatural living conditions. Untreated sewage contains disease-causing creatures such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Direct contact with polluted water can cause skin contaminations and rashes, and if swallowed accidentally via unsuitably cleaned hands or food preparation shells, these contaminants can cause sickness, abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. Breathing infections and allergic reactions may also result from inhaling allied airborne bacteria.

I suggest in case you face any issue like in case emergency sewage damage cleanup especially in Tucson AZ preferably call the professional for help if you can’t handle it. Even if you handle it the dry-out process can even take several days in an enclosed area such as a basement. As long as the humidity remains high in the areas after damage growth of micro-organisms will continue. In case the damaged area is not cleaned and dried out properly, you have to face a musty odor, the continuous growth of microorganisms is out there even after the sewage overflow. You can perform the best clean-up when you know the risk out there. Utility lines, gas, etc.

  1. Protection is First 

When it’s broken outside your home or inside your home the first step or immediate action plan is to put on protective clothing such as; waterproof boots, gloves, eye protection, and especially the dress which is washable or you can dispose of. A water resistance face mask. 

  1. No Entry

Make sure that no one is to enter the affected area. Especially anyone with an existing medical issue, pets, and children as well. Till you give the all good when you are done with. Close off doors.

  1. Airflow

Make sure there is proper air flowing in the infected areas; open windows all of them as much as you can. This will help you to improve the air quality inside the site. But plan accordingly when to close these to control humidity while you working on cleaning up of sewage spill.

  1. Identify the Cause

Find out the cause of the sewage problem and back it up; if you can’t handle it immediately call for professional help without wasting your time. 

  1. Clear Everything 

Sweep out everything affected by sewage water. Also, address sludge, and debris left behind. Clear away as much as possible for you. You have to expose all the surfaces and need to clean and disinfect them. Bag up and seal items those need to be sanitized, and transfer them to a secure place for clean up later.

  1. Shovel

Sewage backups often leave behind the sludge and debris that should not be clean up with your hands please use the shovel for this. After you are done with it properly sanitize the surface and disposed of the contaminated material right away.  You can use a mixture of 1 cup of bleach with one gallon of water.

  1. Floor

If you put up any flooring on the floor; pull up all contaminated sewage water and debris. Securely bag up carpet, padding, and vinyl for immediate disposal. If you need help with it always make sure of the safety of yourself and as well as of your partner.

  1. Surface

Sanitized all the surfaces and disinfect them properly; for the best result in sanitizing the floor, use large brushes instead of a mop.

  1. Sump Pump

Check and make sure that your sump pump is still working well and shut it down give some rest; if you wish to save it and are not comfortable with maintenance call in a professional help that is even safer and more convenient.

  1. Drying Process

Try to avoid humidity but use the in the first stage to open all the windows in the affected area. Set up a large face to out and create a cross current of fresh air. You can easily hire a professional for the help you can use or rent a heavy-duty dehumidifier. This whole process of drying out may take several days or maybe weeks. 

  1. Clean You Up

After a thorough wash up and clean up and everything now it’s time for yourself. Thoroughly wash down and sanitized your protective gear, don’t try to save wet cloths and rags. Remove the dirty items and dispose of them because they can contain other harmful belongings. Take a hot shower and use plenty of body wash and antibacterial soap.

  1. Inspection

Contact professional help for plumbing, water, and electrical inspection. Arrange a time for each inspection which should be done by a professional because the sewage backup often causes problems, you can’t see. Don’t take any chance or risk.

  1. Preventing Tips

Most of these jobs costs $2,000 to $10,000. Every clean-up situation is different. If you don’t have a sump pump, buy the one that may help full. Secondly never pour your cooking oil/grease down any drain or toilet because it’s a nightmare, creates a solidification in all types of pipes, and causes plumbing. Also, avoid flushing the feminine hygiene product in any type of pipe either its toilet or any other drain out there in your home these are even worse than cooking oil because these can’t be dissolved. Install debris screens in your kitchen can help you in preventing too. Install these in the kitchen sink, in hair traps in your showers, in bathtubs, in bathroom sinks, etc. In case you see any warning signs like; as foul smells from drains rain, bubbling toilets or drains, multiple slow/clogged drains and toilets, standing water, water coming out of sewer cleanout pipe, and maybe strange fixture issues are warning signs for you to not avoid these or ignore these and immediately call professional help to avoid the major cost out there for cleanup sewage damage these are just great prevention tips you can use and get help from. If you ever see any of the signs I listed above fix it before the worst happens. Our guidelines are meant for small homes and small projects. Professional help is highly recommended.


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