Ludo is one of the most ancient games in India. People have played a similar version of the game we know as Ludo today for centuries. Although with the outburst of technology the common consensus was games like Ludo would not stay true or relevant but in contrast to it, the game has gained popularity like never before. With the help of online gaming players from all over the world can come together and enjoy the online Ludo games across a number of platforms.

Ludo online is a great way to relax your nerves and take a trip down memory lane. It is a proven way to enjoy the company of your friends as well as an excellent way to pass your time if you are all alone as well. The best part about Ludo is that it does not require some great arithmetic skills to master the game. All it requires is some basic skills on how to play the game and a little bit of luck. Nowadays, playing ludo game online will also help you earn a little bit of money on the side.

The players are not only restricted to the joy of winning the game but also have the ability to earn cash prizes in multiplayer modes. Since then there has been tremendous growth amongst the users playing Ludo online in India, the user base and the popularity of the game have pushed the developers to design an even more secure space for the players to enjoy their gaming experience.

But there still seems to be a stigma joined with playing ludo online and earning real money. This stigma emerges from the parents who are not yet convinced over the legitimacy of how these games work. If you really enjoy playing Ludo online and your parents feel that it is not the right thing for you, the responsibility falls on you to convince them otherwise. Here are a few tips on how to convince your parents to let you play ludo game online.

1. Educate them about it

Many parents are still unsure about ludo online because they are yet to grasp the full knowledge of this subject. You need to get rid of any half-knowledge that they may have received and need to let them know that this is neither illegal nor is it an entirely luck-based game.

2. It doesn’t interfere with your day to day activities

Show your parents that playing ludo online does not create disharmony in your day to day activities such as studies or jobs. In fact, show them that you just make use of the extra time in your day to earn a little extra.

3. Show them that it is not an addiction

Many parents are so hesitant about games because they believe that their children can get easily addicted to it. But it is up to you to show your parents that you don’t just play for the sake of it, but you play to win. Also, show them your achievements in the same and show that you have good knowledge of the game.

4. Show them that you will not change as a person

Another stigma attached to online gaming is that it changes how you behave as a person and significantly hampers your social life. Show your parents that it is not the same with you and you know how to balance your gaming life and your social life. Tell them that you enjoy the game and are good at it and hence you play it.

In India, there has been an upward trajectory in Ludo online in terms of user base and popularity which again has the potential to grow. The reason why this game has been such a hit amongst the youngsters is because of winning cash rewards and ease of gaming. Moreover, the ludo game app allow the users to link their UPI based accounts to the app, which in turn, makes the transaction quite free-flowing along a secure channel.


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