iMessage not delivered
iMessage not delivered

There are many ways that users can try How to know if someone blocked you on iPhone.

> Users can try to send that person an iMessage via the Internet and check if the read tick appears or not.

> Users must try to send the other user an SMS, and check if the message delivered notification appears or not.

> Users can also try to give an audio or video call to the other person, if they go to voicemail or ring once and show that the other person is busy it means the user has been blocked, and also if during a video call it only shows Dialing not ringing.

> Try calling or sending messages from different numbers and check if the above-stated issues still occur or not.

> Users need to check their social media platform and check if they can stream the other user’s profiles and easily send messages to them from these platforms, 

These methods will verify that the iMessage not delivered issue is happening on the user’s device, not because of some technical error,  but because they are blocked.

Users can know more about the reasons for iMessage not delivered from the Onlinehubb website and ways to know about it.

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