Wig Smaller

Wigs can be a fun and comfortable way to disguise your hair loss or change your style. But for those of us with smaller heads, wig sizing can be a challenge. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a wig smaller to fit better and look more natural on you.

What You’ll Need

To make a wig smaller, you will need a hairpiece, scissors, and fabric. The hairpiece can be any style of wig, but it is essential that it is small enough to fit the size of your head. Scissors should be sharp and able to cut through the fabric easily. You will also need to measure the circumference of your head using a ruler or measuring tape. Once you have all of the necessary materials, follow these simple steps:

  1. Cut out a circle or square piece of fabric with the same circumference as your head. Make sure that the fabric is smooth and free from wrinkles.
  2. Place the hairpiece on top of the fabric circle or square, and ensure that it fits snugly on top of your head. If it does not fit comfortably, adjust the size of the hairpiece until it does.
  3. Cut around the edge of the hairpiece with scissors, being careful not to cut into your scalp. Then, carefully remove the hairpiece from your head.

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How to Make a Wig Smaller

If you are thinking of altering your hairstyle to make it smaller, you can do a few things. Many people use wigs to disguise their hair loss, so there are many ways to make a wig smaller. You can also reduce the size of a wig by using extensions. Here are four methods for making a wig smaller:

  1. Cut the Hair Off the Wig: This is probably the most common method for reducing the size of a wig. Cut off enough Hair from the wig so that it fits comfortably on your head. You can trim any excess hair until the wig is about one inch shorter than your natural Hair.
  2. Use Extensions: If you want to make a wig smaller but don’t want to cut your Hair, you can use extensions. Extensions will give you more length and volume than your natural Hair, which will help disguise the fact that you are wearing a wig. Just be sure to opt for extensions made from pink human hair wigs. Synthetic extensions will not work either and may even create more visible wrinkles in the wig.
  3. Sew On Layers: Another way to make a wig smaller is to sew on layers. This will

Tips for Making a Wig Smaller

You can do a few things to guarantee your hairpiece is more modest while wearing it.

In the first place, you can gauge the boundary of your head utilizing an estimating tape and afterwards buy a hairpiece that is one size more modest than your deliberate size. If you have a nominal head, you might have to purchase a hairpiece more modest than your deliberate size.

The following stage is to decide the style of hairpiece you might want to buy. Wigs come in many styles and shapes, so you should find the style that best suits your face shape and highlights. A few familiar styles of wigs incorporate front-facing wigs, round wigs, regular wigs, wavy wigs, and straight hair wigs. Whenever you decide on the hairpiece you might want to buy, look for a retailer that conveys the particular style of hairpiece you have picked.

Whenever you have tracked down a retailer that conveys the particular style of hairpiece that you have picked, the last step is to pick the hairpiece size that will accommodate your head accurately. Indeed, measure the boundary of your head utilizing an estimating tape and buy a hairpiece size that is one size


Wigs can be an excellent method for adding additional inclusion and camouflage your going bald. Be that as it may, assuming you have an enormous head or a hairpiece isn’t sitting great on your head, it can be very awkward. In this article, we will tell you the best way to cause a hairpiece more modest to fit better and feel better. By following these straightforward advances, you will appreciate wearing your hairpiece without stressing over it being excessively close or cumbersome.


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