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Did you know that YouTube has around 2 billion active users who watch more than a billion hours of video every day? YouTube is not just a social media platform. It is a popular search engine. No wonder creators and businesses are joining this platform to grow their market presence. Suppose you are a creator who has finally decided to set up your YouTube channel. You must be thinking about how to engage your viewers with excellent content. One of the critical aspects of creating an engaging video that garners views and conversion is how good your YouTube Intro is.

A YouTube intro is similar to a short movie teaser that hooks the viewers by telling them what to expect from the video and channel. An eye-catching Intro can do wonders in making your YouTube channel a huge success. All you need to create such an intro is creativity and a good YouTube Intro Maker. Luckily, there are a lot of options available. Most video editing online tools and apps provide templates to create an intro relevant to your genre.

Read on to learn what makes a good YouTube Intro? How to make them? And, what are the things that you should keep in mind while creating them?

What is a YouTube Intro, and Why do you need it?

YouTube intro is a short video clip that shows your brand and typically runs at the start of your video. The most important aspect of a YouTube intro video is consistency. You don’t need a different intro for all your videos. You want to put your energy into designing a captivating video once and use it in all your videos. Hence it is a one-time effort that gives you long-term benefits.

The primary purpose of the YouTube intro is to build brand awareness. The retention value of the video ensures that the viewers understand what they can expect from your channel and stay engaged with you. For businesses, the YouTube intro works as organic ads that users watch voluntarily instead of being forced to watch like a paid ad clip.

What makes a Good YouTube Intro?

A good YouTube intro must engage, inform, educate and captivate the viewers. It must help retain existing subscribers while catching the attention of new users, making them subscribe to your channel.

Your YouTube Intro must have the following:

  • Consistency – Talk about your brand and contain the branding features such as logos, background animation, values and your signature music. Keep in mind that creating a brand is all about consistency. A consistent intro can quickly go with all videos uploaded on your channel versus an intro with too many variations.
  • Intro Length – Try to keep your Intro within 7 to 10-second marks. Although there is no set rule, Intro above 10 seconds also performs well. However, the idea is to keep the Intro short; you don’t want to feed too much into the Intro; just hook the viewer and give them a flavor of your product or service.
  • Convey the message silently – Although signature music adds value, there is a growing trend of the sound-off viewing experience. Hence, your Intro must be recognizable to the viewers even when muted. The same concept works for ad-rolls; they work without audio.
  • Keep it to the point – The best intro videos are concise and don’t take much time to talk about the critical aspects of your brands. If messaging is not clear, viewers might get confused and lose interest.

Now that you know why the YouTube intro is vital for the success of your YouTube presence. It’s time to learn how to turn your creative ideas into highly engaging YouTube intro videos.

Steps to create YouTube Intro

Making your first YouTube Intro video can be fun and exciting. You just need to keep it simple. Here is the step-by-step process to create an intro video using YouTube video maker:

  1. Choose video editing software or tools. Plenty are available, ranging from free to premium video editors that provide you unlimited pre-built YouTube intro templates. The best way is to try out a few before finalizing that you find easy to use and do the job for you.
  2. Select the template that fits your brand. Most video editors have a massive library of YouTube templates to choose from. Try that goes with your content in terms of background, animation, text colors, sound, resolution and ease of viewing.
  3. Customize the video. Give the finishing touch by adding changing texts, resizing images, fixing audio levels or even adding your custom content like logo, voice or recorded video clip.
  4. Preview and download the video and test it out on different devices. Ask your friends or team to watch the Intro and give feedback. The video editors keep your videos as a draft. You can quickly go back and make necessary changes if needed.
  5. Finally, go ahead and upload the Intro on your YouTube Channel Studio as Intro to your channel. You can add the Intro to all your videos before publishing them on Youtube.

Pro Tips for planning YouTube Intros

While planning the script of your YouTube Intro, you must keep the following tips in mind:

  • Solve the problem – Your Intro should talk about the issue and how your product, service or content can help solve them.
  • Give users a sneak peek – Your intro video should give the viewers a glimpse into the solution and what benefits they will get. Remember to keep it short and straightforward. Else, it will sound like advertising, and you don’t want that.
  • Add CTA – Call to action is mandatory in any YouTube video. However, you must add CTA in the Intro. Intro has retention value, making people take action like subscribing, sharing, or engaging with your content.

Wrapping up!

YouTube is growing every day, and if you want to make the best use of this platform, you must make engaging and relevant content. YouTube intro plays a significant role in brand awareness and increasing viewership. Ensure your Intro conveys what you bring to the table and how you solve people’s problems. The small teaser can help grow your YouTube channel and grow your reach in a short time.


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