Creating custom banner for your event is a great way to make it stand out. The banner design will be the first thing people see when they visit your event page; therefore, you want to make sure that banner is unique and inviting. There are several colors, text alignment styles and images that can be used in banner design to help tell what your event is about.

What banner should you use?

You may think that a banner is just a banner, but the banner plays a key role in an efficient organization of your event. I will show you how to organize this with our banners and other printed products!

The banner must be eye-catching with color, large enough to see from afar, but also small enough to transport easily. It should be sturdy to withstand the wind, rain and sun (if you are outside) while remaining bright and colorful enough for people to notice. Banners can be made in any size; but if they are not too large banner stands can hold them upright without assistance.

Retractable banner should also contain your message – what you want people at your event to see or know about. And should give them a reason to read it. If the banner is placed in an area where other events already exist business cards may be handed out with more information on both events held together.

We will show you some examples of banner types used by real customers:

 Par banner

This banner is simple yet professional looking banner type that can stand alone or hang on banner stands. This banner is used in retail stores, fairs, parties’ events etc.

 Table banner

The banner can easily be placed against a wall or pavement using banner stands to create an area of ​​activity. Banner tables are often used for promotional purposes at various exhibitions and other events where people are inclined to stop for a while.

 Wind banner

These banners are suitable in areas that do not have wind resistance problems. They usually need additional support, either by wire ties or sandbags. Our wind resistant banner material works well when printed because it does not tear if hit by strong winds and remains bright even when wet!

 Obstacle banner

 Perfect for just about any event where people around your site will walk around obstacles such as buildings, trees and roads banner should be used.

Custom banner printing

Banner printing is usually done in 1-3 working days and banner delivery 1-2 working days (in Sweden). You can order your banner online or request a free banner sample before you buy! We also offer vinyl banner material with tear resistance / waterproof qualities. With this we print UV resistant ink to get the most out of our banners – indoors and outdoors! All our printed products are made using high quality materials that meet strict safety standards and guidelines for food contact according to EU. Is it easy to customize your banner design? Yes, you can easily upload your banner file on our website; either from a link or files saved on your computer, tablet or phone. We also offer banner templates that you can use to create your banner design online!

Banner banners are perfect for your event

– Shop banner- Table banner Obstacle, etc. The possibilities are endless with custom banners! Order now or visit our homepage for more inspiration and products from the printable section!


Do I need custom printed banners for my event? Yes! Here’s why: – The simple and cost-effective solution. You do not need to hire a graphic designer or buy expensive printing equipment. – Printed banners are good quality and durable, fit the entire range of standard banners – Banner printing is quick and easy! We do it in 1-3 working days with delivery to your house.

We hope this article has given you inspiration for printed banners at your event! If you like our products, but still have questions or want to tell us more about your needs! We will quickly answer your banner.


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