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One thing is certain, that the internet is no longer a luxury for the modern world. Especially with the current situation around the globe that has forced people to work and study from home, the internet had never been so important. And it does not stop at work and education only, we are paying our bills, ordering food and clothing, watching TV, securing our homes, and doing so much more with the help of the internet right now that it is just unimaginable to live without it.

If we called this the age of the internet, we would not be wrong. And, in saying so,we want to mention that it is high time for online businesses. Businesses like Amazon have made billions in the past year just because we would rather stay at home and order stuff online. However, there is another side of the pandemic and that is all the people who have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. These are the households left wondering if they can continue to afford an essential service like the internet any longer or not. Especially, with the ever-increasing bills.

In the past, if we did not think we needed an internet connection at home, we would just avoid getting one and make do with public Wi-Fi, mobile data, or the internet at the office. However, for the majority of us, none of the above is an option. Hence, the need to find ways to save some money on the internet bill if possible. After all, with the global situation right now, even a few bucks saved every month can go a long way.

That is why we have gathered a few tips for everyone interested to cut down their internet bill. As I said, a few bucks can go a long way by the end of the year. So, let us get started.

Bundle Deals

You must have come across several internet service provider advertisements claiming that if you buy their bundle deals, you will save big money. To be honest, I used to think it was all hocus until I did some research and realized that the hype really does live up to the expectations. You can save approximately up to $40 per month when you buy internet, TV, and home phone services from the same provider in a single package, or a triple play as they call it. The savings may differ according to the plan you choose and the service provider you subscribe to. Regardless, one thing is for sure, that you will be paying a lot less than when you have individual services from different providers.

You may think you are being practical but all you are doing is spending excessively on services that could cost much less. So, we would recommend that you go for a bundled package from a reputable internet service provider like AT&T internet that offers great speeds, reasonable prices, vast channel lineups, and unlimited calling. AT&T is one of the largest providers according to coverage area so your area would most probably be covered but you should still check with them before looking into switching services.

Lower the Tier

If you feel that bundles are not for you and all you need is an internet connection then you may want to consider downgrading your package to a lower tier. Most of the time, when we initially subscribe to an internet service, we tend to subscribe to a much higher tier than we need. Therefore, it will be a good idea to gauge your usage and call up your internet provider to discuss what download speed would be enough for you. For example, if you signed up for 1Gig but all you do is check your emails and social media accounts and watch a movie now and then, you could easily do all this in 100Mbps too. So, play it smart and downgrade to a lower tier unless you are a big household that includes gamers, binge-watchers, work-at-home professionals, as well as students.

Buy Equipment

That is right my friend, you may think you are saving yourself the hassle of owning a modem and router, but what you are actually doing is paying a lot of extra money every year as equipment rental fees. To save this amount, you can check with your internet provider if they allow personal equipment and ask them for a list of compatible devices. However, before buying a device, you may want to consider if you are happy with the internet service and would stay with your current provider for a while. It would not be worth buying the equipment if you are going to switch because every provider has different equipment compatibility requirements.


The majority of internet users believe that once they have signed up for an internet service they have lost the right to negotiate. That is farthest from the truth. Every business wants their loyal customers with good standing to stay with them for as long as possible. Likewise, internet service providers would want you to stay if it is in their power to facilitate you. So, if you feel the bill has risen to a point where you can no longer afford it, just call your provider’s customer service department and ask them what they can do for a long-term customer who would like to stay but cannot afford the increased bill. Just keep a calm tone and be patient and they will surely do whatever they can to help you.


There are several other ways to cut down your bill and these are just a few to get you started. You can brainstorm other ways too and give them a shot. After all, what is there to lose, right?


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