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If you order a broadcast from us, we take responsibility for the technical side, e.g. we make sure that the broadcast is planned in advance and we strive for the best possible picture and sound quality. However, there are things that the organizer can do to make the broadcast a success – that is, to make it watched by as many people as possible.

Attract audience – Promote

What is this broadcast that only a few people are watching? The more people learn about an upcoming broadcast, the greater the chance of ‘catching’ a large audience. If you already have a confirmed broadcast date, let the world know – here are some ideas:

Promote on the target platform: record a short video with an invitation to the 무료 스포츠중계 and post it on Facebook, write a post about the broadcast and buy a paid promotion, inform about the broadcast on forums and thematic groups

Use other platforms: if the broadcast will be on Facebook, write about it and provide a link on Twitter, if the broadcast will be on YouTube, write about it on Facebook and Twitter

Involve all participants and organizers: ask them to share information about the broadcast and mark them in the posts inviting them to the broadcast – this way the information about the broadcast will reach not only your audience, but also people who are watching the co-organizers and participants of the event

Maintain the audience – Get involved

Organizers often treat the audience watching the online broadcast only as viewers – and it is worth treating them as participants , because thanks to the Internet we can not only listen and watch passively, but also participate in the event in the same way as the audience on the spot. How to engage your audience online?

Include a few minutes of questions from an online audience in your broadcast, even at the cost of a more substantive conversation; Empik does it perfectly in our joint series “Online premiere”: during each meeting, a person from Empik checks comments in the chat, selects the best questions and sends them to the host’s phone

Keep your word, if you encourage the audience to ask questions in chat, ask at least one, do not disappoint the audience and do not explain yourself by lack of time.

Ask audience questions online – even trivial questions about “where are you watching us” can get the broadcast going

Maintain constant contact with chat commenters, for example by “liking” or thanking them for comments

Lead the audience – Encourage

Let’s face it – many transmissions have a sales purpose. We invest money in the implementation of the broadcast so that this broadcast “works”. Let’s take author’s meetings “to the workshop”: after all, the main goal of the publisher or distributor is not to provide us with a pleasant evening, but to sell books. But will the conversation with the author itself sell the books?


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