Video games are often associated with fun and entertainment. However, many people are unaware of the positive impacts of video games on the brain. Video games help in the release of serotonin and dopamine. One feels a sense of thrill and happiness by playing them. Video games help in exercising our brains. Not to be forgotten, they also provide us with a sense of accomplishment and make us learn sportsmanship.

Even though people are quick to point out the cons of video games, they have their fair share of pros. This article will help you understand the various ways in which video games can change your brain positively. It also contains some tips for video games creators to create effective brain-altering video games. Read to know more!

The Various Ways in Which Video Games can Change your Brain:

1.   Improved Memory

While people discourage video games and promote board games, video games also have the same impact as board games. The positive effect of video games on a person’s memory might be even more significant than board games. Video games require you to create a solid strategy, pay undivided attention, and retain various spaces. According to various scientific studies, video games boost the hippocampus. For the uninitiated, the hippocampus is related to spatial memory. Therefore, video games are highly assistive in improving memory.

2.     Enhanced Attention Span

If you are perpetually distracted, playing video games might serve as an effective solution to your problem. Video games require gamers to invest their undivided attention in one place. Playing video games also entails staying focused on even the minutest of details. As soon as you lose track of one aspect, you might lose the entire game. Therefore, staying focused is the key to attaining the desired results in a video game. As a matter of fact, gamers have a better attention span than non-gamers. Hence, playing video games can drastically improve your concentration levels.

There is no lack of video games in the market. Therefore, if you are a business or an individual looking forward to creating video games, you must focus on creating intriguing content. It would be best if you focused on the detailing to grab the gamers’ attention. A strong recommendation is to utilise a game video editor to make your video game, game trailers, and other promotional content intriguing. It is impossible to hold the audience’s attention without exciting gameplay.  

3.      Bettered Mental Health

Video games can improve your mental well-being manifold. As stated before, when a person indulges in video gameplay, the brain releases both dopamine, and serotonin. While the former instills a sense of excitement in a person, the latter makes the individual feel happy. Here is a list of the various ways in which video games are good for the gamers’ mental health:

·        Provide a sense of accomplishment: When a person clears a level in the game or wins the game, they instantly feel their confidence surge. Winning video games can be a great confidence booster. Therefore, when you are feeling dejected, playing easy video games can help you feel a sense of accomplishment.

·        Build emotional resilience: Both winning and losing have their pros. While winning video games can help you gain a sense of accomplishment, losing games can help you build your emotional resilience. One should not take defeat to the heart. Video games help you deal with failures and losses better. Therefore, winning and losing video games are integral for your mental health.

·        Distraction from negative emotions: Video games can act as a distraction from negative emotions. On days that one is feeling dull, sad, anxious, or unhappy, playing video games might help them dodge these emotions. Instead of drinking or smoking, playing video games can be a healthy coping mechanism. You can get a gaming laptop under $500.

·        Facilitate socialization: Video games are a great medium to socialize for introverts. Video games might come in handy for those who find it difficult to interact in social gatherings. Shedding inhibitions when you are behind the screen is easy. Sometimes, being surrounded by like-minded people is all you need to boost your mental wellbeing.

·        Provide entertainment: Enjoyment, fun, and entertainment should not be looked down upon. A human needs to feel even these emotions to stay hale and hearty. Video games are a good source of entertainment. It is always better to indulge in video gameplay rather than something notorious for fun.

The video game developers must incorporate suitable elements to facilitate all these emotions. For instance, adding a happy tune when the players win and a sad tune when they lose will heighten the emotions. A quality game video editor will have an expansive royalty-free music library. Therefore, you can utilize editing software to make your video games much more lucrative for your target audiences. 

4.      Well-exercised brain

Video games are not everybody’s cup of tea for the simple reason that not everybody can strategize. Video games require you to create strategies, utilise the tools effectively, figure out the playing techniques, and memorise important instructions and places. When you use your mind for so many different things, it gets exercised. Just like exercise is essential for your body, it is significant for your mind. Therefore, video games have the potential to keep your brain healthy.

5.      Improvised problem-solving abilities    

We make children solve puzzles from a young age to improve their problem-solving abilities. However, as they grow older, their problem-solving instincts keep deteriorating due to the lack of such activities. Playing video games is an activity that can help teenagers and other adolescents in polishing their problem-solving abilities. Video games are not just supposed to be entertaining. There are numerous educational video games also on the web. These video games require the players to solve quizzes, unseen passages, and mathematical equations. Their format is so entertaining that the children do not realise that they are being made to study.

Video games enable the players to use only limited resources at a time. Players have a fixed number of lives and tools. One can only win games if one uses the resources judiciously. Therefore, you also learn to make the most out of available resources when you play video games. Hence, video games not only improve the players’ problem-solving abilities but also teach them judicious use of resources.   


It can be pretty easy to ignore the benefits that video games entail. However, video games have more pros than cons. They offer several benefits like improving memory, incrementing attention span, improving mental health, exercising the brain, enriching problem-solving skills, enhancing perception and vision, etc. Therefore, we can safely conclude by saying that video games can change your brain positively.


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