Having an intimate relationship has many advantages in our lives. It gives us life direction; they also help us up when we are low. Beloved partners are never demanding. All they want is our care and love. The best way to express our love is through gifts they love. Food tops the list of what our beloveds love. Amongst the food, the cake is the winner. Any celebration for them becomes even more special; we gift them their favorite cakes. Here is a list of your girlfriend’s favorite and romantic cakes to impress them. Along with the romantic cake, if you can give a Couple Bobblehead it would be a great combination to express your love.

1) Black Forest cake

One of the best things about cakes is the flavor. There are varieties of flavors of cake. But everyone has their favorites. For a romantic date, a black forest cake is a very delicious choice. A black forest is a delicious flavor. With rich chocolate and the essence of blackberry, this cake brings a twist to taste. Blackberry is a lustrous fruit. Gifting a cake would be symbolic of your expression of love to her as well. Brazil is a hot spot for such delicacies. You can order cake online in Brazil for the best taste at the best price.

2) Pineapple Cake

The trends for the cakes and their taste are on a rapid change. The latest trending taste of the cake is fruity essence. Usually, cakes are sweet in texture. But some fruity essence makes them taste a little different. One such ingredient is pineapple. It rather tastes like the ‘tart’. A pineapple cake can be of various textures. One can add the pineapple extract to the batter. Or one can bake a normal cake and then season the top layer with shredded pineapple. Such a cake would make your beloved girlfriend feel special.

3) Kitkat Cake

Any form of chocolate added to the cake makes it even more special and mouth-watering. One such chocolate to make the cake taste better is Kitkat. Kitkat is crispy chocolate with a wafer biscuit inside the chocolate layers. Seasoning the top layer with such crispy Kitkat pieces would give it a different texture. The cake tastes different when the cake dough is of any other flavor than chocolate. Vanilla cake with Kitkat topping tastes marvelous. This can be a very special cake for your beloved girlfriend on your birthday. You can order romantic cake online in Brazil for good taste at the affordable price

4) Fudgy Chocolate Cake

Chocolate is the unofficial taste of love and romance. Anything with the essence of chocolate is love. And cakes are no exception to this. Any chocolate cake would make your beloved partner crave the taste. To make it even more romantic, you can add some molten chocolate melts inside. The fudgy chocolate cake would be a twist when they cut the cake. The oozing chocolate ogling out of the cake would make them feel so surprised and excited. A fudgy chocolate cake tastes even better when it has crushed cashew seasoning.

5) Mango Meringue Cake

Among the tasty fruit flavor cakes, one incomparable delicacy is mango. Mango is a seasonal delicacy and a tropical fruit. Hence, a cake full of the taste and essence of mango would be your girlfriend’s favorite one. A mango meringue cake is a normal cheesecake with scoops of mango puree spread on them. In the summer, one gets the chance of the Mango puree freshly extracted from the fruit. Hence, it tastes better. Or else, in the off-season, you can get mango-flavored whipped crème as the meringue for the cake. Any of them tastes like heaven.

6) Crème Drop Cake

A crème drop cake is a very attractive-looking and tasty cake. Here, the topping of the cake has droplets of crème on it at the borders. Usually, the flavor of the cake and the crème are of contrast flavor. If the cake is of chocolate flavor, then the crème drops of vanilla whipped crème would taste good. Or one can use different flavors of chocolates for the batter and seasoning as well. A dark chocolate cake would go amazing with a mocha-flavored droplet of crème on top of it. Sometimes, the decoration goes with the border rink of the cake top. Sometimes, one can choose the center of the top most layers for crème drops as well.

7) Cherry Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the most common cake varieties of cakes that everyone loves. Cheesecakes are unbaked cakes. They are very tasty and healthy. Cheesecakes can be of different flavors. One of the rare and tastier flavors is cherry cheesecake. One can make it in two different ways. You can add cherry extracts and chopped cherry to the batter. Or you can bake the cake and use cherry for the seasoning.

8) Heart-shaped Cake

Girlfriends are the ones we love in the most unique ways. Anything red heart expresses their love for them. The same is true for cakes as gifts as well. You can choose their favorite flavor cake for their gift on special occasions. All you need is just to customize the size of the cake. Make sure you bake or order the cake in a heart shape. Such a cake as a gift would melt your beloved’s heart. It would be one of the best birthday cakes for a special person. A heart is always the reflection of love. And a cake is the taste of it.

9) Red Velvet Cake

Another milestone cake for expressing the feeling of love is the ‘red’ velvet cake. A red velvet cake has every possible dimension of love. The shape is a heart and the color is red. And the flavor is strawberry. Red velvet cake is also amazing from the outlook. The shredded strawberries on the top layer give it an attractive look. It is one of the romantic cake designs for girlfriends on their birthdays or Valentine’s Day.

10) Fudge Brownie Cake

Cake has different varieties of textures. Some are ‘baked’; some are not. Some are with flour; some others are flourless. One such variety of cake is the brownie. Brownie has a crispy base of it. On it, there are different layers of whipped crème. A fudge brownie is again another variety of brownies that is even better in taste. Here, in between the crust and the dough, there lies a thick layer of dark molten chocolate. Your girlfriend would crave the chilled vanilla ice cream with a hot chocolate brownie.

Cakes are the best part of the celebration. For any occasion and to any relation, cake strengthens the relationships positively. Above are the best romantic cake gift ideas to impress your girlfriend.


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