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One can learn anything that any age if he/she wishes to, education has no ending or age discrimination. But if the right training starts at the time that will benefit you throughout your life. So, selecting the best international school in Jaipur for their children is the parent’s first and foremost duty because when the roots are correct, then only the tree will give you fruitful results.

With modern techniques and infrastructure, VSI has become one of the best schools in Jaipur, having the maximum number of students. This international school in Jaipur gives vision to the students and provides them the freedom to think out of the box. This school has given many best students over the years who have passed with a high percentage and now pursuing their further education in the best colleges. 

The principal of VSI Smt. Sangeeta Shrivastava says,” Education is an integral part of every person, and a correct piece of knowledge can lead us to a prosperous future. I deeply enjoy my session with students, including teachers, because we share experiences and information, which helps us in many effective ways. At VSI International School in Jaipur, we ensure that a student meets his/her goals and achieves their desired targets.”

Admissions for the Academic Year (2022-23)

The admissions are now open for all the streams i.e, Arts, Commerce, Science, and also for the playgroups. To enroll yourself in the best international school in Jaipur, one should have to go on to their website for the form and, the school authorities will guide you for further proceedings and required documents. 

Enrolling your child in the finest international school in Jaipur opens a big way for their dreams and imagination. VSI concentrates on the growth of each and every student because they believe everyone has their own way to understand things.

Facilities and Other Curricular Activities of the School

This international school in Jaipur provides various facilities and extracurricular activities to the student and engage them in order to show skills. The educational institute has an individual playground for the students because a child needs to be active mentally as well as physically. There is some park equipment also which is specially designed for the junior wing students in order to keep them energetic. This international school in Jaipur also has a swimming pool with different changing rooms for girls and boys, where students can learn how to swim and a separate period is allotted in order to do so. 

Sports like cricket, badminton, tennis, table tennis, basketball, etc., are listed in the sports calendar. Other activities such as dance, painting, music, and quiz competitions are also held from time to time to check the progress and activeness of a student.

Awards and Recognition

VSI, an international school in Jaipur, is awarded as the “Emerging School of the Year” by the former education minister of Rajasthan. This school has proved itself in every field and achieved a renowned place among the other schools.

An award ceremony is organized inside the school also for the students so that they get motivated and build their confidence. Awards like the best student, all-rounder student, 100% attendance, highest scorer student, and ideal monitor are given to the students to boost their interest and energy.

Fee Structure

At the time of admission, the administration department will explain to you the fee structure of the school. This international school in Jaipur provides education at a low price as they believe education is the right of everyone, and one should be aware or should at least have knowledge about some particular things.

Feedback from the Parents

“VSI International School in Jaipur provides wings to our children and helps them to achieve their desired goals.” – Pashmina Soni

“This school is the best in the city with modern infrastructure and smart classrooms; it makes education much easier.” – Sonam Gour

“VSI provides online classes and interacts with the students face to face in order to make their learning strong.”- Priyanka Gupta

Location and Contact

Address of the School:- Sec. 5 Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road Sanganer, Jaipur (Raj.)

Mobile:- 0141 – 2793080/ 9309305656

Email Id:-


Education is a fundamental right and also essential for the future because the future belongs to those who trained themselves today. It is not a biased thing to poor or rich, upper or middle, and also between genders, education is for everyone, and it continues its path to make people stand out equally. It helps us learn about the world, which is beside us and helps us utilize that knowledge sensibly.

“ Knowledge is power, information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress in every society, and in every family as well.”– Kofi Annan


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