While I was here in the summer, newspaper reports of football activities surrounded me. Some of these stories are just information about stories. They can’t rely on anything later. But experience suggests that European clubs will spend millions of pounds this summer. Big clubs, especially in England, Spain and Italy, seem to be willing to spend more and more money on players. But can it really be afforded?

The football world doesn’t seem to like the economics that affect everyday life. For example, the British economy appears to be struggling to find strength. When you look at the transfer prices of Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City, you don’t know what happened.

So how do you spend a lot of money on clubs?

There should be a limit on the amount nba중계 players can pay. As the sale of Premier League games continues, there is evidence that footballers are no longer being pushed. Not enough money.

The media houses have helped to enrich some of the clubs, and often talk about brand name promotion. As a result, it has been revealed that some Premier League games can be played in Asia, North America or elsewhere in Europe. To many local enthusiasts, it seems silly.

Many people grew up supporting a local club.

 The idea that your local team can play a game a thousand miles away from home seems unrealistic. Some clubs still rely on wealthy businessmen, while others lose a lot of money.

If football players are paid more to watch games, the media is paid more for TV rights, and the big clubs spend big bucks to host, where all the money goes. ?

After all, it’s clear that football boys are reaping success. They make a lot of money and become great people. Some players have become real world names from the past, and they should be jealous when they see how much money players can make today.

A modern athlete can achieve more throughout the year. But it’s not just the players who win. Soccer players are also good, and they make money through contracts and trades with players.


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