On the occasion of renovation or construction work and even repair following water damage, the professionals in charge of your work must meet certain commitments. They must present insurance and carry out the tasks previously defined in the estimate and at the time of the order. They also must evacuate the junk generated by their work. A task is generally included in the estimate but can be invoiced.

Remember to mention this point before the work to define the role of each in clearing the site. We explain how to do it in this article.

Junk disposal: a major task

If the work takes a long time, evacuating the junk produced can be time-consuming. And for a good reason, you have to organize yourself to sort the debris according to its nature, determine what is recyclable and what is not, then organize their deposit in the recycling center.

This task requires a lot of elbow grease and some logistics. It is necessary to provide bags of rubble upstream, to have a vehicle large enough for transport, and not to be stuck in the recycling center because the weight limit is exceeded or because you do not have a membership card.

To avoid these setbacks, most individuals call on specialized companies whose role is not only to carry out the work but also to manage the junk.

Site junk management on a case-by-case basis

You are responsible for construction junk if you choose to carry out the work independently. Rubble, plaster, bricks, pipes, and toilets are all rubbish you will have to remove legally. This is mainly done in the recycling center. Still, it is possible to call on the bulky junk service of your municipality, in particular, to dispose of old sanitary facilities (bathtub, cumulus, sink, toilet, etc.).

Call on a site evacuation and cleaning company if you cannot devote yourself to this task due to lack of time or because you are not transported.

If you ask a company to carry out excavation work in the garden or renovation in the home, it is required to evacuate the junk it generates. Check beforehand that this is included in the price fixed upstream of the work because the professional is entitled to refuse your request if it is not explicitly mentioned in the estimate.

If it deals with hazardous junk, it will be necessary to call on a specialized company because your craftsman is probably not qualified to treat this type of junk…

Wild dumping of construction junk: Penalties

In the event of illegal dumping of junk, the responsibility will be credited to the person or the company which commits the infraction. In other words, if you are responsible for the evacuation of construction junk and you deposit it in nature or on the public highway, you risk a fine.

On the other hand, if the junk evacuation is the contractor’s responsibility and the latter makes an unauthorized deposit, it is his responsibility that is engaged. Therefore, the offense cannot be blamed on you in this case.

The question of the management of construction junk must imperatively be discussed beforehand with your craftsman. If this point causes a dispute between you, do not hesitate to seek mediation to find an amicable solution.


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