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Asana software has been around for a while. In fact the software was founded in 2008 by a company of the same name and since then has only grown in popularity. In this piece, we will be telling you everyting you will ever need to know about Asana software. From details about features in the software to reasonable Asana pricing; we will give you information about all of it to help you come to a decision which benefits you. 

Asana software can help you figure out your projects and business like never before. Before we start talking about the features, we want to ensure you know what Asana software is about. The software is ideal for your project management needs as well as to manage the day to day functions of your business. If you need a software which will help you manage your work, then you are in the right place. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Asana software. 

Key Features in Asana 

Make Collaboration Easy

The collaboration feature in Asana software really makes it easy for you to work as a team on projects or day to day activities. The software allows for you to add everyone on your team to your Asana dashboard so everyone can have access to the work that is there. This helps keep the entire team on the same page when it comes to what work on the project looks like. This allows for team members to see what work their colleagues are currently doing, what is in progress and when they need to submit the task assigned to them. All in all, this really helps to ensure collaboration and team work are at the forefront of anything your business does! 

To-Do List

Now we come to the feature which might not seem like much but can make or break a business in some cases. As a successful business, it is vital that you have as much efficiency as possible. And with the to-do list feature, you are able to make extensive to-do lists about daily tasks or weekly tasks; depending on what time span the list recurs at. In fact, you can set a recurrence option for the timeline so that the to-do list can be renewed at whatever interval is best suited for it. You can set a recurring date which is weekly or quarterly; or any kind of interval depending on your needs. This helps you save time and have checklists when needed right there! This feature alone makes the Asana pricing worth it.


The next feature we want to talk about is the timelines feature. This feature allows you to make everything straightforward when it comes to your project. The timeline is accessible by everyone on the team which has access to the dashboard which makes it easier for you to ensure that everyone is on the same same when it comes to the project. Everyone is able to view what various tasks entail in the project in order for it to be completed and for you to be able to see what tasks your colleagues are working on, when they are expected to be completed and what role your task plays on the entire thing. 

Easy Assigning

The easy assigning feature makes using Asana software worth the Asana pricing. The software has a drag and drop feature which allows for users to be able to make changes to the software very easily, and add tasks, and what not. The feature also allows for users to be added to tasks in no time at all so that they are made aware of their responsibility and can learn more about their task they have to complete. The software makes it easier to assign work and also submit it, since users can upload their completed tasks directly to the software as it supports various formats of documents. All in all, it really helps you to make delegating work a lot easier than it was before. 

Asana Pricing

Now we come to the topic of Asana pricing. This software has a free version which is robust and has several functions you might not even find in some software you pay for! The free version however, only allows up to 15 users on it and has certain other limitations as well when compared to the paid version. The paid version of the software is not too expensive either and is easily afforded even by newly created start ups. The paid version costs $10.99 a month per user but allows you to use every feature you might have otherwise not had access to! According to many user Asana reviews, the Asana picing is well worth the software! 

Is Asana the Right Fit for You? 

Now, the decision to employ Asana software in your business is entirely yours. We can merely help you draw your own conclusion. We suggest, you make a list of features you absolutely want in a project management software, and then compare the list to the features in Asana software. If you find the software caters to most of the features you need or at least the key features, then we suggest you opt for it. 

We also suggest reading user Asana reviews. User reviews from people who have used the software for a couple of years or more will give you a more accurate idea about how well the software will do you in the long term. 

We also suggest you ask for an Asana demo or an Asana trial since this will help you figure out whether or not t


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