Buying a Gaming PC
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So, you’ve decided that you want to get yourself a gaming PC – great choice! A good gaming PC can provide you with a level of flexibility and performance that’s impossible to achieve with a console. There are several different factors to think about when choosing the right gaming PC for you. In this guide, we’ll talk about everything you need to know and all the different gaming PC components that you’ll need to think about when searching for your perfect fit. 


There are a few key things to keep in mind when buying a gaming PC, and the processor is the most important. This is the heart or the ‘brain’ of your gaming PC and is responsible for handling all the heavy calculations and graphical tasks that are necessary to run the latest games smoothly so you can enjoy them. When picking your gaming PC, look out for a processor with multiple cores that is capable of running several different programs at the same time without lagging. 


Whether you are going for a desktop tower PC or a gaming laptop, the monitor that you choose will have a huge impact on your overall gaming experience. Ideally, you should choose a high-definition monitor with a fast refresh rate for the smoothest and best gaming experience. These 1440p Screen Gaming PCs are an excellent choice. 

Graphics Card

One of the main differences between buying a computer for everyday use and buying a gaming PC is the type of graphics card you’re going to need. This card is hugely important for gaming since it is mainly responsible for rendering graphics on the screen. If you’ve invested in a high-res, 4K gaming monitor for the best experience then it’s always best to go with the best graphics card you can find since this will help you get the most out of your monitor with a clearer, more high-definition image. 

Internal Storage

The internal storage capacity might be an important factor for you to consider if you want to save games to your PC. Go for at least 1TB. However, the speed is the most important function to think about. A 7200RPM solid state drive is an ideal choice for your gaming PC since it will allow the machine to access data much faster compared to a smaller hard drive. Opt for a solid state drive that is built for speed and does not have any moving parts that will wear out and need replacing over time. 


RAM, or random access memory, is another hugely important factor to consider when choosing a gaming PC. Simply put, this component of your PC allows it to run multiple programs at the same time. When choosing a gaming PC, don’t go for anything that has less than 8GB of RAM, as things are going to get very slow very quickly otherwise, especially if you game a lot. 16GB or more is ideal, if you can afford it. 

No matter what games you like to play, getting everything you need when putting together your gaming PC will ensure you have the best possible experience.


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