Updated Divorce Laws in Pakistan:

 If you wish to know the updated divorce laws in Pakistan or get nadra khula certificate, you may contact us. The husband split with his wife through text messages without giving a reason. The young woman claimed that, from the time she met until the time she got married, she was not exposed to the family of her husband and social life, and so she had no idea what she was aware of the background of her husband and his personality with divorce laws in Pakistan or get nadra khula certificate.

Background of the Husband:

Even though his friends are on social media, Indi could not deduce the character or background of the husband. The groom’s parents did not attend the wedding. This meant that Indi, the wife, was forced to remain silent after she was divorced from her husband. (Team field notes 5 September 2017,) It is generally believed that the connection between young women and men or girls that were thought to be too close might cause parents to worry, and they may decide to divorce their children, particularly daughters.

Divorce Laws:

This was the result of one of the divorce laws in Pakistan or get nadra khula certificate in Cisolok that marriage earlier is preferable to being a victim of adultery (sexual relations outside of marriage). “Sometimes children are playing for hours, and the family doesn’t leave, or they go out for an extended period of time, which causes parents to be concerned before they tie to the kid. The parental role is not as clear, and they lack the understanding regarding sexual training.” (25-50-year-old old male FGD 4. September 2017.) “The parents are worried about the ways of teens having a baby and dating due to the ease of association with teenagers.” (25-50 Years old male FGD 4. September 2017.)

Nadra Khula Certificate:

Parents on divorce laws in Pakistan or get nadra khula certificate were also reluctant to open up to children’s conversations about puberty-related issues. As with most parents in Indonesia, parents in Cisolok were also viewed as an unwelcome topic to discuss sexuality or relations with their children. In some instances of child marriages in Cisolok, the young couples were prone to parental pressure to divorce. In these cases, young couples, whether male or female, were not allowed to decide on their own as they could not completely escape from the influence of their parents on divorce laws in Pakistan or get nadra khula certificate.

Data of UPT:

According to the data of UPT DPPKB (Technical Implementation Unit of Population Control and Family Planning Service Office) of Cisolok District, There were 18 weddings of females aged between 16 and 20 years in Cisolok village that were recorded between 2015 and 2017. Information provided by the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) of Cisolok District indicated that the number of women between the ages of 16 and 20 who were wed in 2016 was 3112. The total number of weddings among girls aged 16-20 years was 79. Meanwhile, there were only three weddings for younger boys was three. There was not enough information regarding marriages that were not legal wedding age as stipulated by the Marriage Law (16 years for women).


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