The idea behind using the Asus rt-ac88u setup device is up to the mark. As a mesh network, Asus provides smooth access to all devices hooked together. Asus rt-ac88u setup ensures that you receive better wireless coverage. The signal reaches throughput out your home within a few seconds. The router will connect to your ISP’s modem and work as an access point. login device will be strategically positioned anywhere around your home. Connecting each device wireless serves like a wifi blanket in your entire home. Asus router login ensures a powerful signal roaming in your home.

Asus rt-ac88u setup using

The Asus router login requires web GUI. Identify the Asus router login details by looking at the label on it. If you did not get the login details, check the user manual. When done with the entire setup, check the LED status. If you see a blue LED, you can START now. Take the Ethernet cable and go with the following steps;

 Asus rt-ac88u setup tips

  • Use the web portal to set up your device.
  • Insert one end of the provided Ethernet cord into an Ethernet port on your router.
  • The other end of this Ethernet cable will connect your router to the modem gateway.
  • Plug the power cable of the router at the back of it. Use the provided power slot.
  • Plug the other end of this power cable into the power slot of your house. Turn the power on.
  • Wait; till the rt-ac88u device shows a white LED light on it.
  • You can connect your laptop/computer device to the wireless network also.

Access the Asus router login page

  1. Take note of the SSID and password that you have on your Asus router.
  2. Take a computer, laptop, or any other device compatible to connect the router.
  3. The computer and the router will associate through their respective LAN ports.
  4. After a proper network connection, launch a web browser. Use your computer associated with the Asus rt-ac88u setup network.
  5. Into the address bar of the web browser, key in the web address
  6. And then click the enter button on your configuration device.
  7. Enter the username and password into the given fields of Asus router login.
  8. Click the login tab to access the login page.

How to modify the username and password on my Asus RT-AC88U router?

Use the device linked to the router and unlock a web browser. It can be of your choice. Go to the Address bar, type in and hit OK or GO.

  1. If the web link creates an access issue, use the IP address and connect using the fixed protocol Http:// or  
  2. It takes only a few seconds to access the login window. The window has two tabs that require the SSID and password. 
  3. These two details are by default by the manufacturers of the route. Every time you reset or install the router, you can use these default credentials.
  4. After getting the Asus router login page, you will see the Basic Homepage.
  5. The default credentials are under the web interface page of your router.
  6. Generally, the username and password is admin. When you enter these credentials into the required fields, you will instantly get the quick setup guide.
  7. Follow the instructions prompted by the setup wizard. At last, you can complete the Asus router login process. 
  8. After a few steps, enter the username and password again. 

Click and go to the Management section -> then the System Admin section, fill in or type the password you like for your Router. Next, you need to type the username in the SSID section and click Save.

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