immigration office in Chennai
immigration office in Chennai


Each passing year, the number of students striving to study abroad keeps increasing. There are various arrangements to be made, right from choosing the right college/university to fees, living expenses, culture, etc. Hence, it is vital to identify the correct student visa consultant who can assist in providing an end-to-end solution to all your requirements related to studying abroad. You always should be wary of fraudulent consultancies and fake agents, which are rampant. Let us take a look at the parameters you must consider while selecting an overseas education consultant to fulfill your dream of overseas education-

  1. Finalize Your Destination- Apart from the most commonly chosen countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or Germany; there are many locations from which higher education seekers can opt. Some of the best immigration office in Chennai deliver seamless services using a standardized approach to aspiring students seeking higher education overseas in specific locations. Every country has specific criteria for its educational courses, so the overseas educational consultants specializing in the respective country’s immigration formalities/specific academic studies should be selected for a smooth journey.
  2. Reviews and Reputation– Doing thorough research about the performance track record of the overseas education consultant is very important & one cannot simply believe the claims made by them during marketing. One must carry out a self-research plan by reaching out to previous students or family members or looking for customer testimonials on social media platforms. Admissions to overseas colleges/institutions are entirely based on the student’s educational performance and test results. Hence, any advice given by these consultants for obtaining admissions in an unethical or unlawful way should not be tolerated and reported immediately.
  3. Accreditation of the Student Visa Consultant–  You must verify the overseas education consultant’s accreditation (valid license) to verify that the consultancy is authorized. It also certifies the necessary legal affiliations with the colleges/universities they refer to. You should remember that accreditation is one of the most crucial factors which prove the genuineness of services offered by the consultants.
  4. Services Required by the Aspiring Student- The journey of studying abroad is classified into various phases such as preparation and identification of course and college through counseling sessions, the application process, coaching & exam pre-requisites, and pre-departure immigration formalities, and financial assistance, on-arrival services, etc. Most of the consultants provide above listed services along with tie-ups with agents who assist in preparing for exams such as IELTS or TOEFL, which are part of the preparation programs. They also guide in preparation for admissions tests like the SAT, GMAT, and GRE. The best immigration offices in Chennai would provide comprehensive services under one roof. 
  5. Cost of the Consultancy Services Provided- Most reputed student visa consultant charge a nominal processing fee depending on the services offered. Irrespective of whether the organization is representing any particular university, they cannot overcharge any specific student as per their agreements with the respective university. Some organizations may offer free services to attract more customers. However, later, the hidden costs may spring up at various stages of the services provided. Hence, one must prudently analyze the program’s pricing structure before seeking assistance.
  6. Experience& University Representation– Another significant deciding factor is the number of years of experience in the specific area of expertise. One of the best student visa consultant must possess extensive knowledge about the courses, college/university, and foreign immigration study laws. Their team should display outstanding interpersonal and communication skills. It is necessary to check whether your consultant has overseas university representations or whether your admissions get processed with the help of third-party agents. In the former case, the lead time would decrease. You can receive timely updates regarding your application status without third-party agents’ involvement, leading to unnecessary delays. 
  7. Scholarship Offerings- Studying abroad can be an expensive deal. Not all students can manage these high expenses. Overseas education consultants assist you with financial aid by recommending options for scholarships or educational loans and guiding you through its processes.
  8. Transparency– Keeping an open and honest approach throughout the process is very important for the overseas educational consultant. The method of seeking overseas admissions & visa is lengthy & one needs to follow specific rules & regulations. Please be wary of the consultant’s misleading promises, such as “admission guarantee” and “guaranteed scholarships.” It is imperative to remember that your academic performance and track record form the determining factors, and there are no shortcuts to the process.


Students aspiring to study abroad must evaluate & comprehend the above-listed factors that will help them select an overseas education consultant who is legitimate and experienced. One of the best immigration offices in Chennai will help determine the best-fit courses by understanding the complexities of the student’s visa application process and staying up to date with the country-wise regulations.


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