Machine learning

Machine learning is the paradigm for machines to learn and perform necessary tasks otherwise handled by humans. The sole purpose of machine learning is to replace the need for human intervention if not absolutely necessary and remove the inconveniences of human errors. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to develop a machine learning tool and train the same for handling relevant ordeals. In the era of coronavirus and the hardships related to it, machine learning tools are proving to be the key to survival. The dependency on data for a more safe passage through these horribly uncertain times. The eradication of human error is the first priority of the age and machine learning tools are doing just that. This article will concentrate on key aspects of life, heavily influenced by the dependency on machine learning.

The foothold

Human nature is to make things easy and thrive in a pool of hedonism during their small temporal presence called life. Thus the incorporation of machine learning tools in day to day activities only helps in achieving the same. Thus the evolution to a more tech-savvy and gadget dependent species is being pushed with modest and favorable intentions. Scientists have been arguing the natural selection of tech-savviness for a while now. As it is increasingly becoming easier for the technologically literate to survive on the face of this planet. 

The next human evolution

In this transitional phase of human evolution, we are witnessing technology adding reproductive value to the adept. Thus machine learning after all its superficial applications in daily life influences human genetics from an evolutionary perspective.

The next human evolution is expected to be more dependent on data and thus tools able to handle data. Machine learning is expected to replace much of the clerical work and most of the routine activities known for inviting errors and exhaustion. With the emergence of complicated neural networks and artificially intelligent systems, sectors like commerce and health are expected to be transformed into something more efficient. The human beings of the future should be able to live a more comfortable life with heightened chances of survival. Thaus taking up machine learning courses during these times of trouble can prove to be something more favorable by nature. And thus can become the key to a sustainable career. 

Machine learning today

Automated transport

Logistics and transport is the determining factor when it comes to the survival of civilizations. Connecting populations both socially and financially is essential for growth and variation. Automated vehicles are taking over at a rapid pace and making mundane commutes into something fun and relaxing. It not only adds to the private space of the passengers, but it can also navigate on its own to a destination with lesser chances of casualties and accidents. Tesla is known for its smart electric cars already spearheading a revolution in the field. Companies worldwide are developing electric motors and engines so that a future petroleum crisis can be mitigated. Which is directly fueling the emergence of automated transport, poised to change the concept of connectivity forever. 

Semi-automated healthcare

Healthcare is the most unlikely place where we can witness automation. Due to the nature of human disorders, personalized treatments are emerging as a more acceptable form of attending to patients. But in this era of massive amounts of data, it makes more sense to use the data for the good of humanity. And for handling the data artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are being deployed. Additionally, remote diagnostic devices are being used widely in serving the immediate needs of patients. These wearable devices are able to diagnose immediately and transmit necessary information to the concerned health center. But the possibility of AI doctors, surgeons and robotic life-support is still a far fetched concept. 


The commercial sector is making use of huge amounts of data for multiple profitable outcomes. In the case of marketing, the use of data is making things more to the point and precise. This preciseness in marketing is also yielding good results. Thus a company is able to reach the most relevant people with minimum effort and by utilizing freely available, all kinds of data.

Author’s words

Most machine learning courses available on the internet tend to miss out on a critical front. Hands-on training in a good work environment is essential for success in the field of machine learning. The responsibility of developing a tool and deploying it for public use is gargantuan. Small mistakes on a computer screen thus can affect millions of lives. Errors due to sheer inexperience are thus unacceptable. It is wise to relocate to a more suitable place where getting internships and hands-on training is easier than most places.


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