Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software automates repetitive marketing activities such as social media posts and email marketing. It rationalises all the digital marketing activities and delivers messages to the right customers. Such messages are based on consumer preferences and behaviours. This article will discuss how an organisation can make its strategies worthy by using marketing automation software.

What Is A Marketing Automation Strategy?

A marketing automation strategy uses built-in software to automate all activities and actions of marketing. Marketing automation software assists the marketing team in planning marketing tasks, segmenting and exploring new markets. It even helps in conducting consumer research through monitoring their website activities. Marketers use marketing automation software from sending follow up emails about a brand’s offerings to information sharing on social media platforms. They use them in landing pages, cross-selling and rate of return measurement.

Marketing automation software leads the business by engaging customers through streamlining their preferences in marketing campaigns. It surfaces relevant for customers and resolves their queries by quickly providing answers. Moreover, it maximises sales through building effective customer relationships. Research by a dissertation writing service, The Academic Papers UK shows that Brands worldwide earned $3.6 billion in revenue by using marketing automation software in 2020 (Gutmann, 2022). The revenue is expected to be in rise in 2027 by $11.46 billion.

Source: (Gutmann, 2022).

The functioning of marketing automation software is through tracking customer actions. This software completely monitors consumers’ website actions and product reviews. It even monitors their behaviour towards email campaigns. Then, all the behavioural data gathered by marketing automation software is presented in reports. Marketers use these reports’ information in their strategic decision-making and marketing campaigns.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Marketing Automation In Your Strategies?

There are many benefits of using marketing automation software in strategies. Following are some of the benefits that should be worthy to note;

Reduce repetition of tasks

Marketing automation software conserves the marketing team’s resources in doing repetitive tasks. It helps them optimise resources and free up their time in building successful marketing campaigns through information provided by marketing automation software.


Marketing automation software builds personalised relations with customers effectively. It provides how marketing can be made right to target the right customer based on its web activities. For instance, Dell notices there is heavy traffic to its website, but these activities are not yielding sales. To resolve this, Dell conducted a behaviour analysis using marketing automation software. Dell used results of marketing automation software in strategic marketing decisions. It created new ads based on website activities of the customer. The result of these marketing decisions yielded sales.

Build effective marketing campaigns

A marketing campaign is successful if it is based on personalised customer data. With the help of marketing automation software, a brand can identify who is taking an interest in its market offerings and why. This leads to identifying customer segments. Moreover, it assists in customising effective marketing campaigns that can generate profitable sales.

How do I choose the best marketing automation software?

I can choose the best marketing automation software by considering the information as follows;


Marketers should assess the cost of marketing automation software for their organisation. This is important as firms even have hidden costs of their marketing automation software that are a threat to a business. So, brands should research the pricing of marketing automation software. They should understand what features it is covering and what requires additional cost.

Company size

There are different prices of marketing automation software depending upon the size of a company. If the company is small, then there is no need to pay premium prices. But for a large company, you have to pay high prices. But companies should negotiate the prices over a customised version of marketing automation software.


In the purchase decision of marketing automation software, you should also consider the aspect of scalability. Scalability entails that the aim you made while purchasing software is achievable. For instance, every business wants to grow with maximum profitable sales. With the scalability aspect, you can evaluate if a purchased software can boost your sales. So, this aspect should be answered while choosing marketing automation software.

User Interface

This aspect requires chosen marketing automation software that should be easy to use. As marketing automation software seems easy to be use, but in actual, they are difficult to install and use by the respective employees. So, brands should learn their use and ask for a demo. Hence, it is essential to test the user interface and grasp how quickly you can learn and apply to get the result.


Marketing automation software maximises your sales if it offers maximum features. The features that a brand should consider while choosing marketing automation software are as follows;

  • Wide email marketing support.
  • Landing of page generations.
  • Content management and integration features, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • Social Media Automaton.

Application Programming Interface (API) access

It is good for a brand if service providers allow you access to third-party integrations. The benefit of API access is that you can further add any integration with software as needed for your business.

Which marketing automation software would you recommend and why?

While searching for marketing automation software, a business can use many software. But it is confusing to select one software out of hundreds. I recommend you go for Hubspot, a leading marketing automation software. The reason is that this software assists you in almost every problem. In simple words, you can say that Hubspot is an all-in-one approach. Following are some of the features that Hubspot, a marketing automation software, carries;

  • Email marketing functionality.
  • Content Management System.
  • Customer Relationship Management.

If you do not use Hubspot, you have to use three different tools for these three features. But if you use Hubspot, you can manage all these three features in one place. That is why I suggest you go for Hubspot when you are required to choose one marketing automation software from hundreds of others.

Final thoughts

Marketing management software positively contributes to automating a business’s digital marketing activities. Marketers should learn marketing automation software before choosing them for their organisation. The more they know, the more it will be effective for them to achieve its purpose.


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