It is not surprising that wellness takes advantage of the benefits that massage brings both to the body and to the mind. To perform massages, it is best to use O/W fat emulsions, W/O emulsions or carrier or base oils, which allow you to work well with your hands for a long time without the product penetrating quickly.


In the composition of massage emulsions, it is common to find slightly light and not very extensible oils in a high proportion: mineral oils, isopropyl militate; isopropyl palpitates, etc., with which products with sensory properties ideal for massage is achieved. These can be combined with other more polar emollients, such as triglycerides, to improve their cosmetic characteristics.

The addition of glycerol in a high proportion to the last of the formulations in prevents the exfoliation that can occur due to the effect of the mechanical action of the 출장마사지.

Essential oils

Whether emulsions or massage oils are formulated, essential oils can be included in their composition, providing the Gaelic form with the properties of these essences. Essences or essential oils have been used in all cultures since ancient times. Pre-Columbian cultures carried containers around their necks with fragrant oils or scented flowers. In Ayurvedic texts from India the use of essences in treatments is described. The Egyptians used aromatic plants for therapeutic, magical and liturgical purposes, and already distilled some essences such as cedar, cinnamon or turpentine, perfecting the art of using balsamic substances to control rot and disease.

In ancient Greece, perfumes were considered to be of divine origin. Precisely one of the beliefs of Hippocrates is still valid in modern aromatherapy: it was convenient to take a daily scented bath and massage with oil to which drops of some essence had been added.

As an example, let’s see the effect that the inhalation of certain essences has on the emotions:

  • Rosemary: brain stimulant useful in states of mental fatigue.
  • Lavender and marjoram: sedative and antidepressant effect useful in cases of stress, anxiety, anguish and general fatigue.
  • Eucalyptus: euphoric effect.

Essential oils, being volatile, are not usually used directly on the skin. Their name already tells us that the most active part –the essence– of the plant has been extracted from them, and they are very active and potentially more toxic than the original plant. Therefore, if we want to include essential oils in oily formulations for massage, it is recommended to use the following fixed oils as carriers or vehicles for these essences:

  • Sweet almond oil (Prunes amygdales): in therapy, the sweet almond tree (variety dulcets) is used as an emollient and lubricant with nourishing properties, useful for treating dry skin.
    • Avocado oil (Parsee gratissima): regenerating and moisturizing the skin. This oil is more easily absorbed through the skin than the other oils mentioned. Ideal in cosmetic preparations for dry skin.
    • Arnica elevates (Arnica Montana): facilitates muscle preparation, favoring the heating of muscle fibers and reducing the risk of injuries and contractures. Arnica body oil also helps relieve muscle pain and, combined with birch leaf extracts, prevents the appearance of soreness. It can be applied before and after physical exercise.
    • Borage oil (Borrego officinal’s): this oil is very rich in essential fatty acids (specifically, gamma-linolenic acid). It is an excellent natural emollient that restores the flexibility of dry skin.
    • Calendula locate (Calendula officinal is): is an oily extract of the chapters of calendula, with stimulating, revitalizing and healing action for sensitive skin.
    • Wheat germ oil: this oil rich in vitamin E is used for its regenerating and nourishing capacity for the skin.
    • Jojoba oil: this liquid wax has moisturizing and nourishing properties.
    • Evening primrose oil (Oenothera blennies) : is an oil obtained from the seeds of the plant, rich in gamma-linolenic acid, with moisturizing properties for sensitive and very dry skin.
    • Carrot foliate (Discus Carlota) : its content of provitamin A and other arytenoids make this carrot extract a good toner and revitalize for dry and irritated skin.


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