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Stellar and world-class e-cigarettes are incapable of winning and seizing customer attention unless or until they are packaged in belligerent, protective, and high-end packaging. E-cigarette boxes can prove handy and real game-changers for your business, considering that you manufacture and impeccably design them. The process is not simple since you may have to deal with several complexities while executing a specific box design. In some cases, you may be subjected to higher manufacturing costs exceeding your set budget. To make it less hassling for you, here are the expert tips that are practical as well as affordable. 

Explore Materials For E-Cigarette Boxes

There are wide-ranging options on offer for the manufacturing materials for e-cigarette packaging. Bux board, corrugated cardboard, and many other cardboard variants are available to process this packaging. You cannot select all of them, so what should be the best material selection strategy? The simple answer to this trick question lies in specific business needs. 

First, evaluate the precise need to gauge perfectly well what material would suit the best. For instance, if you will package heavier products, corrugated cardboard, which comprises a linerboard plate and corrugated medium paper, would be the best. If products are lighter, one can go for Kraft paper or simple cardboard to curb the shipping expense. Likewise, you need to determine the printing needs and select the material that provides the best possible results under a specific printing method. Considering these matters while choosing the processing materials for packaging is the first step for an ideal box design. 

Get The Dimensions Right

The dimensions of custom e-cigarette boxes need to fall in line with product specifications. Overly sized or smaller packages would not do a great job in product protection. Not just that, they are a total waste of money as well that does not even help in the process of garnering customers’ heed. Keeping that in mind, measure the length, width, height, and other parameters of the items and strictly comply with those specifications. 

An approximate way is to keep the packages an inch or half larger than the items. This helps protect the products better by inserting filler and other protective materials. Following this rule means perfect box design optimization, and you would no longer need to pay extras on the manufacturing process. The rate of product return and damage is reduced by a fair margin that helps your business multiply. 

Perform Strength Quality Tests

Packaging strength is a deterministic factor of how much load or pressure it can bear without breaking. The greater the strength, the more is the chance of it withstanding critical and severe forces without any deformation. To achieve ultimate success, ensure that you perform quality tests after designing e-cigarette packaging. Several tests are there to help you evaluate the true strength of packaging, like vibration test, compression test, and so on.

Perform every quality test to truly understand where the packaging stands in dealing with physical impacts. If it passes all the tests, you are good to go. But, if it buckles or breaks while performing a specific test, it means that you need to reinforce it. Strengthen your packaging by re-sealing, re-gluing, and enhancing the thickness of processing materials. 

Be Mindful Of Printing

Printing is perhaps the most integral and essential part of the box design process. Undermining this part can cause the box to lose its visual charm and hence its potential to attract the target audience. It is pertinent to select high-quality inks that quickly sink into packages’ texture and do not fade easily. Prefer soy-based inks over regular inks because the latter is not good enough to provide the best printing results. 

The selection of printing methods also matters and requires the utmost attention. You cannot just select any form and print the packaging boxes. Several printing technologies are suitable for a particular case only. For instance, digital printing is ideal for low-volume prints and is renowned for its seamless results. Other than that, determine whether you want to print only one side of the packages or the whole of them. Sticking with your exact needs is the key to success while printing the boxes. 

Superior Finishes For E-Cigarette Boxes

In the end, you do not want your product to look average in the eyes of potential clients. That’s why it is imperative to finish the e-cigarette packages with the best available options. While selecting a particular finish, remember to choose the one that looks and feels unusual yet playful. For instance, a matte finish paired with debossing could be a good option. It can bring a 3d look to your packages while also making them smooth to touch. There are no strict rules for finishing; opt for the one that you think can create an absorbing effect on customers. Such a proactive approach makes your packages and products an instant focus on a retail shelf. 

In a nutshell, the execution and implementation of these expert manufacturing tips will help you get high-quality e-cigarette boxes. Specific steps like proper sizing and strength reinforcement amplify the functional value of the packages and impart complete protection. Similarly, the spot-on printing and a sublime touch of finishing make them aesthetically exceptional. Such brilliantly designed boxes are critical for business success because they never attract and retain customers.


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