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Recent statistics show that the mobile phone accessories market is growing day by day. In fact, the mobile phone accessories market is growing faster than the mobile phone market. The general trend around the mobile audio accessories world is that most people use a cell phone for 1-3 years before buying and replacing it. So the mobile phone sector is growing faster than numbers but the mobile device sector is growing faster. Because these accessories are so cheap. And an increasing number of people are buying tons of accessories for their phones every year.

One of the reasons.

Why jewellery is so cheap is because it is usually made in China, so you can get many different accessories for as little as $ 2. From phone covers to Bluetooth devices, many people can buy new cell phones, Bluetooth headphones, new chargers, and new batteries. New stereo headphones and more, so customers can use a variety of devices even if they do not switch phones. With their phone

The most popular accessory is the Bluetooth headset. 

Most people like to use their cell phone without holding or removing it. According to a recent study by Duke University, using your cell phone close to your head for the first few seconds raises the temperature of the skull. So if you have a Bluetooth headset, you can safely store your mobile phone in your pocket. And speak more securely, including another popular car GSM supplement. In most countries of the world, it is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving, so use a portable GSM. With the car kit you can use your hands-free mobile phone with this supplement. It works as an auxiliary Bluetooth headset, allowing you to talk and listen through your car stereo.

In fact, common accessories, 

Such as a desktop charger kit or extra batteries, are sold as hot cakes. These are relatively inexpensive products and many use them for convenience. But even the most eager users will buy at least two different phones in the lifetime of the phone. So this field is growing every day without hindrance. Because multi-billion dollar phone accessories are waiting for buyers in the market. This has been a topic of discussion for a long time. But in the end, it looks like a big improvement over the universal cell phone charger. According to the International Telecommunication Union, the new energy-saving devices will be available early next year.

This week, the United Nations has approved

The same universal charger plan for all mobile phones. This is an important step in improving the performance of mobile phone chargers.

As part of the GMS Association, this does not include energy-efficient universal cell phone chargers. Greenhouse gas production decreases by 13.6 million tons annually. It currently loses 51,000 tons per year.

Universal phone chargers can take some time to clear the consumer market. 

But eventually users will be able to use telepathy charger regardless of future upgrades or different manufacturers and models. The charger design focuses on micro USB connectors and performance stars four stars and above. Samsung, Nokia and Sony Ericsson have signed product agreements. Many of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers are participating.

Malcolm Johnson, director of the IT Telecommunication Standards Bureau, said: It has the advantage of making cell phone use easier. I hope to find you somewhere else. ”

Universal Mobile Charger is ideal for replacing any mobile phone model charger.


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