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We are all working in a new world. The post-Covid world can be difficult for businesses and workers who must learn to adapt to a new (and ever-changing) norm. And although it can be difficult to adjust to the ups and downs of a post-covid working world, there are ways you can not only adapt but also improve your ability to involve yourself in the hectic reality of day-to-day tasks in the office. One of the best ways to do this is by familiarizing yourself with different tools that might increase your ability. Over the past years, we have all learned how to use Zoom, Google Meets, and every other type of remote conferencing tool under the sun. There are some fewer Avant-Garde technologies that might give you a greater skill set for your job and that is the PDF.

PDFs or portable document format(s), are a document type that many people use as a way to send, write, or edit documents. PDFs are superior to traditional text-based processing applications due to the fact that they are image files! This is important since it gives you the freedom to do almost anything to the file. You can edit it, add other images, compress them, resize them, rotate, and e-sign them. This is why learning how to use them is a great asset to your career and your company. To work with PDFs though, you will need to use some kind of PDF editing services such as an online PDF editor or some PDF editing application. There are many of these PDF editors available online and you can even find some for free (but not recommended). Some of the most popular are Adobe Acrobat, Small PDF, and PDFelement but probably the most useful one for the office is Lumin PDF.

Lumin PDF is a PDF editing application that offers a great number of tools that can be very useful in both the office and personal life. Lumin PDF offers a convert PDF tool, merge PDF tool, split PDF tool, amongst many others but it offers a specific ability that makes it stand out relative to other online PDF editing services that are used. For people who work in a business with a Google Drive account, which is many, it’s nice to be able to quickly access and work with documents from your company’s Google Drive account. This is where Lumin PDF stands out from its peers. Lumin PDF works directly with Google Drive. You can directly take documents from Google Drive, and work on them in Lumin PDF then when you are finished the changes will be saved back to your company’s digital storage, the reason this is so great is not just because it is convenient, but also it allows your coworkers to be able to see and interact with your document both before and after your changes. Once you have a PDF you like be it Lumin PDF or another, you will have many different opportunities to use it in different ways.

PDF in the office: How, where, and why?

How to use PDFs: Using PDFs is super easy, that’s one of the benefits of working with them, to work with them though as mentioned you will need some kind of PDF editor. But to use them is a simple matter of opening one in your PDF editor then selecting which tool you want to work with. You might simply need to edit a document and all you will need to do is fill in information for some other projects, some other tools might be required. Although PDFs are useful, they are not always what you need.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Where can you use PDFs: You can use PDFs for almost any situation, except where you might need to send it in a text format like a Word document, but even then, you can work on the document in a PDF and then use the convert PDF tool to convert it to a Word file after you are finished. This can also be done the other way. You can use PDFs in the office when you are working there, or you can use them on your laptop at home. They also can be used from a mobile, but this can be made easier when using a stylus.

Reasons to use pdfs: There are many reasons to use PDFs, the most prevalent reason is probably that you have to! For many tasks and jobs, you will have to work with PDFs. Even if you don’t have to work with PDFs daily, it is still good to know how to use them because they can also be used in your personal life. You can use a PDF editor to make invitations to a birthday party, put up posters for a missing cat, or even use them when writing a book, but remember to use the compress PDF tool when trying to email it.

Editing objects directly requires software

While PDFs are a great document type, to work directly on a PDF requires some kind of online PDF editor in general, this is because they are a specialized document type. As mentioned, the best one you could use in a business setting is probably Lumin PDF. If you are using a PDF editing software like Lumin PDF you can convert your PDF, merge it with another document or edit it directly. You can use it to fill in a document or even sign a contract. In the post-Covid world, the ability to work with others remotely is a critical skill, and being able to work and sign documents remotely is a part of this.

The world has changed a lot in the last few years; however, some things have not changed and one of those things is that to succeed in any profession you need to know what tools you need and how to use them. For office professionals who need to work with documents, this is the PDF and the PDF editor.


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