Night Cream

Did you know that nighttime is considered the best time for your body to replenish and relax? Yes, this is true. As our body works throughout the day, it needs some recuperation time to rejuvenate itself for the next day. Thus, it is during the night when we sleep that our skin cells regenerate themselves with proper nourishment and ample rest.

Since at night, the skin absorbs active ingredients effectively, thus, choosing the right night cream for taking care of your skin is essential. Instead of choosing any basic night cream, you need to first understand your skin type and its needs to make the correct decision. 

To make your choice easier, here are some facts about night creams, why are they important and how you can apply them as per your skin type for reaping maximum incentives.

Night Creams and their Use

As our skincare regimen consists of a cleanser, toner and face moisturizer, night creams are a part of the moisturizers you can apply to your skin at night. They are skincare products which stimulate cellular repair and revive the skin barrier by providing it with optimal hydration and repairing skin damage. A night cream is truly a miracle for all skin types as they keep them refreshed and healthy.

Importance of Night Creams 

It becomes vital to use a night cream post-washing your face with a cleanser before you sleep. Night creams apart from replenishing the skin barrier also aid in restoring its natural radiance. Furthermore, it also fights against the damage-causing free radicals and offers deep skin moisturization.

Our skin is constantly exposed to harsh environmental influences such as pollution, dust and dirt, etc. Being one of the factors for ageing, these environmental factors lead to each layer of the skin becoming thinner. Additionally, it also depletes collagen and causes loss of skin elasticity.

Collagen is an essential protein which retains one’s youthful appearance. Therefore, an effective night cream from top beauty and skincare companies like Avon boosts collagen production to reinstate skin elasticity and revitalise it. Besides this, a night cream also prevents your skin from premature signs of ageing.

After knowing what night creams are all about, let’s explore the measures to select the right night cream for your skin type. 

How to select the right night cream for your skin type?

  1. Acne-prone skin

As acne-prone skin is always susceptible to getting infections, a purifying night cream which combats pimples and zits is ideal for it.

  1.  Oily Skin

For oily skin, a night cream should be lightweight, non-greasy and should have a gel-like or fluid formulation. This is because such a skincare product will be able to absorb the excess oil from oily complexion and give it a mattified look. Furthermore, it won’t clog the pores.

  1. Sensitive skin

The ideal night cream for sensitive skin is one with a hypoallergenic and lightweight formula. Besides this, their cream should also be free from parabens, sulphate detergents, urea, phthalates etc. These kinds of ingredients can irritate their skin and cause inflammation.

Hence, if you have sensitive skin and are looking for a night cream to best suit your skin type, you can try the Avon True Nutraeffects Brightening Night Cream from one of the top skincare brands in India i.e Avon.

This skin-friendly night cream is formulated with a hypoallergenic, sulphate or paraben-free formula and contains an Active seed complex that prevents skin pigmentation, restores skin elasticity, firms and even tones the complexion. 

  1. Mature skin

People with fine lines and wrinkles should go for night creams which include Vitamin E, glycerine, and pro-vitamin B5 as these ingredients reduce their overall appearance. Moreover, their night creams should also incorporate panthenol, lipids, ceramides, retinol, etc as they are suitable for sensitive skin.

  1. Dry Skin

A rich creamy formulated night cream is ideal for the dry complexion as it calms redness or inflammation, offers extra moisture and heals and rebuilds the skin.

To wrap it up, night creams give your skin the much-needed boost of hydration and replenishment. With just a gentle massage of this skincare essential, your skin will feel healthy and smooth again.


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