Hiraben Modi will turn 100 on June 16. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to his mother’s house to celebrate his mother’s 100th birthday. The Modi family also plans to celebrate Hiraben Modi’s centenary with pomp and circumstance. Hiraben lives with his youngest son Pankaj in Raisan village in Gandhinagar. On the occasion of his 100th birthday, there was a celebration all over the village. Chandi Yajna will be performed on the day of birth. Besides, a special music evening has also been organized at Hotkeshwar Temple in Baranagar. According to sources, various well-known artists including Anuradha Parwal will take part in the event. Hiraben’s physical condition will determine whether he will attend the ceremony.

Hiraben Modi is fit enough even though he has become a little numb with the weight of age. Lately, in the age of 40, various diseases have settled in the body. The average life expectancy is 70 years. In order to live a healthy life beyond 60, it is important to follow some rules in daily life from the age of one. Hiraben set foot in 100 years but adheres to enough discipline in daily life. Hiraben Modi does everything possible by going to the booth and exchanging money at the time of cancellation of notes.

Although not every day, he does exercise and yoga whenever he gets a chance. Eat vegetarian. When the Prime Minister came to see the eldest son, he cooked and fed her with his own hands. Absolutely moderate sattvic food itself. A loaf of bread, a few vegetables, pulses, a very small amount of rice — these are his daily meals.

The 100-year-old Hiraben Modi is not only physically fit, but also mentally strong. The Prime Minister was also seen rushing to his mother for advice on some issues. Hiraben also used the experience to give wisdom to the boy. The mother of the Prime Minister prefers to stay away from happiness and luxury.


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