Project management can be defined as leading the work of a team. The motive is to achieve all the project’s objectives within the specific constraints. 

There are various project management methodologies. Two of these are Prince2 and PMP. Both of these follow very reliable methods and the certificates they provide are very famous in the project management world. For example, the PRINCE2 certification is among the most popular in the world today.

Project management is an essential skill to acquire in the current era. Prince2 and PMP are reliable methods to learn project management from.

Prince2 and PMP- Definition:-

  1. PRINCE2 stands for Projects IN Controlled Environment. 
  • It is a process and project-based certification course for project management. 
  • PRINCE2 helps individuals perceive the approach to do a successful project. Various templates, processes, and steps are introduced to the individuals. 
  • The PRINCE2 foundation course focuses on the primary frameworks and principles. It provided an insight into the approaches to project management, dividing responsibilities and roles for the project.
  1. PMP certification stands for Project Management Professional certified.
  • This certification is provided by the Project Management Institute.
  • The course broadens the individual’s perspective on the accepted broad principles of project management. A range of techniques and demonstrations are also taught to the individual.

Both the PRINCE2 certification course and the PMP certification have an equal amount of significance. But, a difference between the two is drawn out below.

Difference between PRINCE2 and PMP certification:-

Getting a certification from either of the courses is an excellent way to establish oneself as a project management expert. Both certificates provide individuals with appropriate knowledge, job prospects, etc. But, these certificates differ from each other based on specific criteria. For example, the Prince2 certification cost is different from the PMP certification cost. These are:-

  • Methodology:-

PRINCE2 incorporates a process-based methodology. It focuses on its principles and practices. It stresses the required frameworks and procedures to create a successful project. The PRINCE2 training course helps the individuals learn the required material.

PMP, on the other hand, uses a knowledge-based methodology. This methodology is dependent on the PMBOK. PMP stresses the techniques and skills of project management. These skills help one to deliver and execute the projects successfully.

  • Prerequisites:-

The prerequisites of the two courses are also very different from each other. For example, to pursue a PMP certificate, one requires more prerequisites than PRINCE2. 

One needs to have at least two of the prerequisites to pursue PMP:-

  1. A secondary degree like a high school diploma.
  2. A four years degree, for instance, a bachelor’s degree of any stream.
  3. Approximately 7500 hours of experience in directing a project.
  4. A minimum of 35 hours of education on project management.

On the other hand, to pursue PRINCE2, one need not have many prerequisites. Individuals who have some experience in formal training or management will find the course more beneficial than others. But, to appear for the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification, one needs to pass the foundation exam.

  • Location:-

Both the certificates, PRINCE2 and PMP, are globally recognized. But, certain areas prefer one certificate over the other due to administrative reasons.

PRINCE2 certifications are most famous and prevalent in Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia. However, the PMP certification has immense validity and respect in the United States, Canada, and the Middle East.

  • Framework:-

The two courses also differ like the framework. For example, the PMP certification generally applies a descriptive framework. On the other hand, PRINCE2 incorporates a prescriptive framework.

PMP stresses areas where specific knowledge is necessary. Some of these domains are scope, risk, cost, and schedule.

PRINCE2 emphasizes the best practices within project management in today’s day and age.

  • Level of Certification:-

The PMI provides the PMP certification as a standalone certification. For a basic understanding of project management, individuals earn the Certified Associate in Project Management from the PMI. The PRINCE2 course provides two certification courses – Foundation and Practitioner.

  • Exams:-

To get the certification from either course, individuals must pass an exam. 

The PMP exam has a list of two hundred questions. These questions are divided into the following categories:-

  1. Project Closing Skills
  2. Monitoring and Controlling
  3. Project initiation and planning

The Foundation exam of PRINCE2 has seventy-five multiple-type questions. And one has to pass the foundation exam to appear for the practitioner exam.

Bottom Line:-

Both the PRINCE2 certification and PMP certification have significance in the corporate world. Individuals should check which course is more suitable for them.


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