Pros and Cons of redesigning your brand logo

What comes to your head when you think about a big brand like Nike or McDonald’s or Domino’s? Maybe there would be a moment of happiness or joy that you spent here with your friends or family. Or it can be a familiar connection that you have grown with any of such brands by using their services and products. It is true that there are different brands that use multiple ways to market their services and products. With social media picking up pace people often use influencers and other social media big guns to market their products. On the other hand, having a good logo design is also an important element. And even the experts say that nothing speaks better than your logo. The reason why we are saying this is because there are so many loopholes that you have memorized but the number of businesses working in the same vertical or much more.

Therefore your logo should interact with people and sustain elements that will help in catching the eyes of your customers. Ensure that the logo design is made in such a way that it tells clearly about your brand’s vision, mission, as well as your offerings. In many ways, your logo will be the brand identifier. So, you must give a lot of brainstorming and thinking before even tweaking a small portion of it. But you might have recently seen a lot of big brands changing their logos.

So here in this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of redesigning your brand logo. And also the key Takeaway is what effect it will put on your brand’s image when the logo is tweaked.

Pros of redesigning the logo of a brand

Let’s take a look at the greener side of redesigning your logo

  • Offers your brand a fresh look

Undoubtedly when you change even a small part it gives a fresh new look to your logo. If you are doing such a thing it will be towards betterment. That means you won’t be refining the already existing elements of your company logo. Most people try to do this when they are seeing a decline in their sales or a flat line in their sales chart. And there have been a lot of brands in the past that have got a positive response after giving a fresh look to their logo.

If you successfully inculcate the trendy elements that all your competitors already have- it will give an edge to you. All your customers will get into the loop and feel that your brand is fresh in the market. Maybe the newer version of your logo will also catch a lot of ice because it has become a bit more appealing. So if you are trying to recreate your existing to go we would suggest playing with graphics, colors, and design of your logo. Do not change it completely.

  • Shows an improved state of mind

Everyone likes to become a part of an improved business or brand. Innovation is the key to excelling in this business world. Even when it comes to your business logo design you should display a sense of improvement amongst your customers. And redesigning your logo can be done correctly and evidently. In many cases, the brands have conducted a survey and asked people about their offerings. When you take public perceptions in mind, it significantly helps in boosting your sales figures.

We don’t say that the whole school logo doesn’t have a good impression on people but suggests that you should always connect with people. Even if that is your logo speaking.

  • It showcases any changes that the brand has brought within

We already know that a logo is designed by a company to market its products and services. If your customers do not have an idea of your offerings there is no reason to have a logo at all. Therefore if You Are changing something from your product lineup, it is suggested that you include it in your redesigned logo. If you are trying out a custom logo design then try to inculcate all the changes that you have done in the organization. If there is a range of new products that have been included in your brand it would be good to create a logo that shows the same. Your new logo should tell the customers about the transformation journey of your brand.

Also if your brand has gone through a long journey, you can show the same on your logo. There are multiple examples in the market where you can see brands changing their logos for good. Sometimes, when you include more products in the line up- you tend to change the design of your logo. This is important and looks great as well.

  • Shows the brand flexibility

Whatever we have talked about in the above pointers offers insight into the brand. But if we talk about something more practical; it shows the flexibility amongst the users. When you tweak the brand’s logo it shows its flexibility. In terms of adjusting to the newer trends. Maybe your free logo maker online has offered you some changes that will make it look trendy on social media, applications, and other platforms.

Considering the quantum of work that will be put into this, you can carry forward this change. In this, you can change the size, color, and format of your logo.

Cons of redesigning the logo of a brand

Every coin has a flip side and everything has cons as well. So, let’s have a look at the cons of redesigning your brand’s logo.

  • It might hurt your business

It’s not always positive that you get by changing things in your brand. If you are redesigning your company logo there are fine chances that it may backfire. You also have to understand that nobody designing is a very important part and it can hamper your business as well. If you do too much reworking in your current logo it might confuse the customers. And they might get a sense that “your new logo” is a new brand altogether.

If you go too far; even if it is amazingly done- you will surely lose a lot of loyal customers as well. Therefore, consider this a risky factor and maybe you will have to rebrand things right from the very beginning.

  • It can also burden you financially

If you are a big brand, it is not easy to make even small changes. And when you rebrand your logo or redesign your logo; it can cost you thousands of money. And if you vigorously change the look of your logo, it will completely waste the money you put in at the very beginning.


There are other pros and cons that an expert can help you in determining. Also, when you create a new logo; you will have to first get it tested. Many brands have promoted their new logo by taking the views of their customers. Just like “Airtel” did when they reformed their entire logo. They started a survey in which people were asked about what image or graphic there was on the logo.

Nevertheless, you should put the pros and cons together before deciding what is going to be a better choice for your brand. So, once you have taken the view of your experts and judged whatever will be better- then you should proceed.


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