What to do before hiring a local carpet cleaner is a common question asked by many people. There are many things to consider before hiring one, however it is important to ask questions before you hire them. Hiring an inefficient carpet cleaner can waste your time and money and not to mention be a health hazard to you and your family. Below are several questions to ask before hiring a local carpet cleaner:

Do you offer an inspection service prior to cleaning a carpet? Does the company also offer carpet cleaning solutions other than hot water extraction and shampooing? Do they perform pre-treatment and post-treatment? Do they offer any other services, such as stain removal or special spot removal?

Are your cleaning methods environmentally friendly? What type of chemical or equipment does the company use in the cleaning process? Are the methods used on sensitive or high traffic areas more powerful than methods used on less busy areas? What types of cleaning methods can the company provide to make your job easier or more efficient?

Are the chemicals used safe for children, pets or adults? Are you provided with a list of carpet cleaner chemicals? Are the chemicals bleached and deodorized? Do all employees wearing proper personal protective gear have clean clothes? Are all family and pets advised not to come in with the cleaning machine and if they do, are they instructed on how to properly use the machine?

Are the carpets truly cleaned? Does the carpet cleaner to provide a certificate stating that all carpets were cleaned to the highest standard? Does the company offer a guarantee that their service will last the length of time needed to clean carpets? If the company cannot provide a guarantee, pass this company by and keep looking for another carpet cleaner to clean your carpets.

A reputable carpet cleaning business will take the time to discuss pre-treatments with their customers. Do they have a document that states they perform a pre-treatment on each and every truck? Is the company using the best pre-treatment chemicals available to ensure that your carpets will not contain any hazardous substances during the cleaning process? If you don’t know exactly what a pre-treatment is, ask to see it and know exactly what the chemicals used are. By asking all of these questions before hiring, you will be able to hire the best company, provide the most professional service, and remain comfortable with the work done.


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