With over billions of users seeking benefits from the most efficient accounting software, QuickBooks has established a distinguished position. Most small companies, freelancers, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, etc have chosen QuickBooks as their accounting solution. However, there are certain errors in different categories, faced constantly by the users while using the QuickBooks software.

Various errors faced by QuickBooks users include the errors that occurred while installation, all the errors related to company files getting corrupted, or network issues. Most of these errors can be resolved using the QB file doctor for every device. This tool was designed specifically by intuit to provide a one-stop solution to all the errors arising with company files and network problems. This tool is a hybrid and a better version that accommodates the advantages of the network diagnostic tool and company file diagnostic tool in one tool. You can get rid of all the issues related to these categories using a single tool. This tool also allows you to search for errors automatically, ensuring that your accounting experience with QuickBooks is completely error-free and smooth.

If you are also looking for guidance on how to resolve such errors, don’t leave this page and stay till the end to know all about the file doctor and how you can use it with its maximum capacity such that it provides you benefits.

Introduction To Quickbooks File Doctor

Understanding “what QuickBooks file doctor is” is important to understand how it is different from other tools such as QuickBooks install diagnostic tool. Simply put, this tool helps you to find and fix all the errors you encounter while performing different accounting operations on your QuickBooks software. It is very efficient and works well with file errors. If you are tired of your files getting corrupted, or missing data from files, now no more. You can use this tool to resolve such issues easily.

Though company file errors and network errors can be resolved on any device with this tool, the devices having the QuickBooks version prior to the year 2016 will not have this tool inbuilt. However, from 2016 up till now, all the versions of QuickBooks are highly compatible with this tool. You can use this tool on your QB for desktop or windows. The tool is not available for Mac users yet. Also, you must remember that this tool is exclusively available for only users situated in the UK and US. The tool is very easy to use and very efficient in performance.

Errors Resolved By QB File Doctor

If it isn’t clear what errors QB file doctor resolves or simply you want to analyze it according to the error codes displayed on your screen, we have provided a list of errors and the error codes this tool is sufficient to resolve:

● Error in downloading or installing an update of QuickBooks

● Network issues or errors

● Installation errors or related issues

● Company files are damaged

● Errors in the file due to multi-user access at a single time

● Windows registry getting damaged

● Poorly configured firewall port

● Hard drive under Malware attack

● Any errors resulting in data corruption

● Data missing from any specific list such as employees list

● QuickBooks company file not opening

● Bugs related to QuickBooks database server manager

● All errors under the H series Including H202, H505, etc

● Error code -6150

● Error code -6000-301

● Error code -6000-82

● Error code -6000- 305

● Error code -6130 Or -6147

● All errors in 6000 series.

Important Factors For Quickbooks File Doctor

There are certain factors you must keep in mind before starting the downloading and installing process for the QB file doctor tool on your device. Such factors are listed and explained below:

● You must ensure that the older version of this tool is removed from your device before downloading the new version

● The external file doctor is recommended by the experts even though, the versions after 2016 come with an inbuilt version of this tool

● It is available for only windows on your desktop and not for Mac users.

● The tool works automatically, all you have to do is press start and initiate the process.

Types Of QB File Doctor

There are two different types of Quickbooks file Doctor for every desktop. You can choose any variant as per your requirement. The two types of this tool are explained below

QB file doctor stand-alone version

This tool can be used only by the device or desktop on which you have the QB database server manager. Other devices connected with the main server cannot seek the benefits of this tool. However, it is suitable for single users such as freelancers or small business owners.

QB Built-In

This variant of QBFD is available with all the versions of QB after 2016. Thus, this variant is compatible with only windows 7,8,10. It can only be used on MS servers 2003-2012.


The QB file doctor is an efficient and essential tool used by the majority of users to resolve all the errors and issues related to different categories. The specific errors resolved by this tool belong to the company and network category. You can either download the stand-alone versions or simply use the inbuilt version which comes with your QuickBooks software. 


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