Manoj Tiwary scored a century on the pitch where Abhimanyu Aishwaran and Anushtup Majumdar failed. In the whole innings, he injured the spinners of Madhya Pradesh with a single weapon. That is the sweep shot. He was seen hitting sweeps and reverse sweeps most of the time on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, Sarang went to injure Jain with the same weapon. But he forgot his moment and lost his wicket. Manoj may become a villain at the end of the day even after scoring a hundred.

Manoj went to sweep the ball after the century. But it takes the ball towards the bat. Rajat Patidar, who was standing on the slip, grabbed the jumping ball. Manoj out for 102 runs. He knew that Bangla on Thursday wanted not only hundreds but also bigger innings from him. The Minister of State for Sports in Bengal was reluctantly leaving the field in a desperate manner after being dismissed, indicating that he knew there was a lot of work to be done. Shouldn’t the sweep have died?

Two former Bengal cricketers do not think so. Former Bengal captain and current U-23 coach Laxmiratan Shukla told Anandabazar Online, “It takes confidence to hit a sweep. That is what was seen in Manoj’s innings. The innings that took Bengal from five wickets for 54 runs, Kurnish. The Bengali team fought hard. Even if you go out to hit the sweep, it will not work. Manoj’s fight is very big. ”

Two spinners in the Madhya Pradesh team. Kumar Kartikeya Ranji, who is eye-catching for Mumbai Indians, also has a great rhythm. Bengal lost two wickets in his first over. Another spinner summed up Jain’s misery for the Bengal batsmen. Manoj injured both of them in sweep and reverse sweep. Before spinning their ball, Manoj came forward and batted. Even with a knee injury, Manoj repeatedly sat down to hit the sweep. He did not care about the pain. Bengal Under-19 coach Debang Gandhi said, “Manoj played a very combative innings. His experience of so many days was useful. Sweep, reverse sweep hit because he has confidence. He was out to hit it, but that shot thwarted all the tactics of the bowlers on Wednesday. This often happens. The better the shot, the better the wicket. ”

According to two experienced former cricketers of Bengal, Bengal is still at war. Lakshmi said, “Five day game. There are still about two and a half days left in the game. This team of Bengal knows how to fight. They can come back at any time. ” The same goes for Debang. He said, “Bengal’s bowling attack is very good. If we can get Madhya Pradesh back soon, Bengal will have a chance to win this match. ”

Manoj also knows that there is an opportunity. “Even if we can’t take the lead, it’s not like we’re going to lose the match,” he said before the start of the match. There is a lot of play left. ” But if Manoj had not been out for a sweep, Bengal would have had a chance to score a bigger run. Manoj lost that opportunity. He seemed to understand the frustration on his face as he left the field.


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