Remote Workers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, just about every office switched to remote work arrangements. Though much of life has returned to normal, remote and hybrid work teams appear to be here to stay, which poses a unique challenge to employers: how to keep remote workers engaged. Read on to find some helpful tips.

Encourage Health and Wellness

As with in-office employees, remote workers’ health and wellness should be top priorities. Sick or unhappy employees will never be able to perform at their highest levels or stay engaged with their teams, remote or otherwise. Employee Wellness Programs should be expanded to include remote team members. This move will both support workers’ health and foster a sense of closeness with coworkers.

Remote Workers

Host Virtual Hangouts

Just about every virtual team maintains regular contact through emails, instant messages, video calls, and web conferencing. Those same tools can be put to good use for virtual hangouts that aren’t related to work. Just like in-person employees can benefit from shared social occasions, remote workers may feel more satisfied and engaged if they’re given a chance to socialize and feel like they’re part of a team.

Make Employees Feel Valued

Every employee deserves to feel appreciated, but expressions of appreciation are some of the many things that can fall by the wayside when workplaces go remote. Team leaders and managers can find small ways to celebrate their employees, whether it’s sending a quick thank-you email or a virtual gift card to celebrate a birthday. Even scheduling team chats or video calls to celebrate accomplishments can go a long way towards improving morale.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

It’s impossible for everyone to be available all the time, but remote workers should feel they have a way to keep in touch with colleagues and team leaders even if they live in different time zones. Virtual team leaders should consider time zones before starting group chats or setting meeting times. Even if there’s no way to include everyone, knowing who’s online and who’s off for the day makes it possible to acknowledge every employee and ensure that people who can’t attend virtual meetings still have their voices heard.

Gamify the Digital Workplace

Gamification is one of the most effective means of keeping people engaged. Most companies already use it in the context of customer loyalty programs, but not all of them recognize that the same tactics can be put to good use in managing a digital workplace. Creating opportunities for friendly competition and offering rewards for everyday activities can keep remote employees engaged and feeling included. It’s also a good way to standardize performance metrics.

Embrace the Future

Some old-fashioned business owners are still refusing to recognize obvious trends. They expect to move forward into a post-COVID world where offices look and function the same as before the pandemic when, in fact, work environments were changing well before COVID-19. Embracing the future means making challenges into opportunities, and remote workforces can easily embody that dynamic.


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