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Cigarettes might come with a warning that they are harmful to health and should not be consumed. Despite the warning and red signals, the cigarette industry is increasing. This is because many brands are popping up with unique selling points. A significant industry to mention here is cigarette box wholesale. The emergence of flavored cigarettes and e-cigarettes has brought tremendous growth to the industry. Most brands claim that they are less harmful to your health than their competitors. Especially e-cigarette companies market their product under the “better than others” narrative.

The cigarette packing process

Don’t take cigarette packing lightly. They are unique in their way. Unlike other products, cigarette boxes are similar, more or less with some changes in the design. Whatever the brand, they all seem to follow a specific code for designing custom cigarette boxes

Do you know how cigarettes are packed? We want to tell you that it is an exciting method we haven’t heard of anywhere else. So, a group of cigarettes that will fit into the box perfectly are placed together and then covered with foil. The foil keeps the fresh cigarettes longer by shielding them from humidity and other external factors. The fascinating part of the process is when the pack is gathered around the cigarettes. The final step is lamination to further protect the inside of the packing from humidity.

Cigarette boxes wholesale

Buying packing boxes wholesale not only helps you keep up with the demand but also lets you save some money. You get a preferred rate over the retail market when you buy bulk from wholesale. If you buy individual boxes, they will cost you more. But buying in bulk has many benefits and as a business person, being economical is on top of the list.

Buying cigarette boxes wholesale will help you maintain your packing standards. When you buy wholesale, keeping up with the increasing demand will not be an issue. You can make a deal with your wholesale packaging provider to provide you with boxes consistent in quality and number.

Blank cigarette boxes

As the name suggests, blank cigarette boxes are packed for cigarette companies who want to purchase packaging without little writing—clean and clear boxes for your company. The tobacco industry is immensely dense. Many new companies prefer to keep it simple with their brand. They believe in “less is more.”

You can receive such Blank cigarette boxes from your wholesale packaging provider. They usually have various options available, but if you have a specific box, you can ask them to make it available. These boxes are neat without any unnecessary writing on them. Depending on your brand’s target audience, you can customize them in any material or color.

Cardboard cigarette boxes

Cardboard is the first love of the packaging industry. It is bio-degradable, which means it is friendly to our environment. It is reusable and cheaper than most packing materials. Cardboard boxes are disposable and robust enough to keep your cigarettes safe. The majority of cigarette consumers like to buy their cigarettes in disposable packing. Only a few prefer their customized cigarette holders. This means cardboard cigarette boxes can help you save money and the environment simultaneously.

You can choose between small, medium and large box sizes. The design can be in the shape of a case or a drawer. These are pretty much the standard sizes and shapes for cigarette boxes. But no one is stopping you if you want to be creative and go for an entirely new shape for your cigarette brand.

Custom cigarette boxes

Customization is becoming the heart of the packaging industry. All brands love to create their unique identity through custom packing. Cigarette companies are no different. You will notice that all significant cigarette brands have custom packing for their boxes. No two brands have the same packing. It is so that the customers loyal to a particular brand can quickly identify their brand and pick it among many others.

There is no limit to customization, from colors to logos, themes and packing materials. However, there is still hope if your company does not have a design team. You can hunt for a printing partner who will design custom cigarette boxes for your company. Just make sure that the print quality is evident. A poor print will leave an accurate impression on your brand, and you don’t want that. However small this may seem, it is a significant factor in increasing sales.

Foil cigarette packing

Foil packaging boxes are most popular among cigarette companies. It adds an element of class to your design and brings a positive image of your product to customers’ eyes. Foil packing is also easily spotted among many other cigarette boxes on the aisle. They can be shiny or matte, and the choice is yours. You can also choose between different colors. But gold-colored foil packing takes the medal.

Good quality packing material

Packing material needs to be eye-catching, but at the same time, do not forget to choose a strong packing material for your cigarettes. Suitable packing material prevents moisture from entering the box. Choose the material and packing technique that is durable, sturdy and reliable.


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