Aesthetic Medical Equipment
Aesthetic Medical Equipment

We live in a rapidly changing world where transformation takes on lightning-fast proportions. The same goes for the high-tech industry, where digitization has led to more than one major transformation at a time. Plus, the internet has given us an early glimpse of innovation, and it may be necessary. To survive in this competition, companies must be able to anticipate trends and be ready to innovate. In this fast-paced business environment, Sofwave is one of the fastest-growing companies to gain a foothold in the industry through innovation and consistency.

Softwave conveniently delivers SUPERB synchronous parallel-beam ultrasound technology with minimal downtime in a single 30-45 minute treatment, regardless of skin type.

Sofwave is FDA-approved and clinically proven to reshape collagen, improve facial fine lines and wrinkles, and lift brows, submental and neck areas.

The company always strives to find the ideal laser and works hard to obtain it. Several goals have been achieved over the years, but it was not until 2018 that the team was able to achieve them all. It’s hard at first because it’s nice to have technology that can remove hair forever, and it’s also hard to convince that technology is safe and harmless. Fernando believes his team is lucky enough to be part of history and part of the group of people who created the culture of laser hair removal. The interest and excitement of a group of dreamers allowed Team Sofwave to build a reliable laser.

Cost-effective and portable laser technology

Sofwave is a major player in the industry and has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of laser hair removal. It was also the first and only company to launch manual laser hair removal. This portability has made the technology more accessible and simplified laser rentals. There are many doctors and estheticians who need to try technology before buying it, or who prefer to pay per application rather than invest and cut their money. Heavy technology is inconvenient for these consumers and also expensive. Sofwave offers any doctor interested in laser hair removal a convenient and affordable solution. In addition, low-cost portable laser technology has other advantages, such as technical services required for all machines. Due to its portability, the laser goes to the technician and not the other way around, making service faster and cheaper.

Medical lasers are a small industry and the actors know what it has to offer. Sofwave treatment offers unique production laser technology that makes it an outstanding player in the industry. Companies also invest in research and development, tracking trends to deliver excellence to consumers. Sofwave has multidisciplinary teams in different countries monitoring trends, making it easier for the team to anticipate trends and needs. In addition, the R&D team is committed to these changes so that we can integrate them very quickly.

Reliable ideal team

Fernando believes that the ideal team is a group of experienced and motivated people working towards a common goal. It is important to involve all members in considering all their needs and motivations. Fernando described his experience with the team members as an extraordinary journey. He added: “We were able to put together a highly consolidated and multidisciplinary team that not only included people from the company, but also external researchers and professors from different universities.

Initially, Sofwave’s biggest challenge was to meet market needs such as efficiency, resilience, portability, etc. The team perseveres in achieving its goals and therefore never gives up despite the challenges. “If the customer wants it, we have to make it, however long it takes. As a company we are not too conformist, we want to achieve our goals,” said Fernando. Thanks to this perseverance, the company has grown rapidly over the years. Fernando advises starting entrepreneurs to set clear goals, to be consistent and to be extra vigilant in the market. It is very important to stick to and pursue the main goal, and resist the temptation to change it along the way. Small changes along the way are okay, but never change the main goal.

Aiming for a global phenomenon

With innovation and consistency at its core, Sofwave is currently striving for complete excellence in laser hair removal. There are many little things that are invisible but make world-class laser technology. These hundreds of little things also protect technology and shape business knowledge. Sofwave has been offering the most advanced and powerful lasers on the market. Its mission is to manufacture and market Aesthetic Medical Equipment worldwide. Sofwave strives to develop tools and technologies that solve society’s medical or aesthetic problems in new ways. The Sofwave team strives to be the benchmark in the market and to be seen as the company that moves the world forward.


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