Purchasing the correct jewelry is a tough task, but don’t you worry because we are here to help you make the best decisions. We will guide you to the best kind of gemstones and metals which you can wear every day and on special occasions. So, let us get in and learn in detail.

Variety of metals you can wear gemstone

The metals you should wear in the gemstone jewelry are sterling 925 silver, rose gold, and yellow gold. These three are the most affordable gemstone metal. And if you have a very good budget, then you can go for gold or platinum metals. But I would suggest going with sterling silver, as you can change them frequently with the changing fashion. Sterling silver is 92.5% silver mixed with 7.5% of other metals, like copper and other, whereas rose gold and yellow gold are the platings over the sterling silver. Furthermore, they look pretty when gemstones are set into them.

Most importantly, it doesn’t have any problems related to skin issues, and it is one of the most comfortable metals. You don’t have to worry about infection or allergies over the piercings. Wear it easily on a daily basis and look stunning.

Now let us understand the gemstone property, which you can choose for yourself.

The magical stone- Moonstone

The magical and mystical gemstone, Moonstone, is a transparent to translucent gemstone with a beautiful luster in it. People usually buy blue and rainbow moonstone jewelry. You can see many influencers wearing this gem in sterling 925 silver medal. The stone has many layers, which form its brilliance, for which it is known for. If you have a moonstone ring, you can wear it every day while going to the workplace. It will create your aura and will bring good energies into your life.

If you want something for a special occasion, then you can go for buying the moonstone necklace, as the jewelry piece will make your outfit look gorgeous.

Queen of gemstones- Opal

Opal is known as the queen of gemstones, and it is one of the prettiest gemstones you will ever see. It comes in various shades, ranging from pink, blue, orange, yellow, black, white, multi-color, and even colorless. If Opal jewelry is recommended to you by any astrologer, then you can go with the specific color. Otherwise, you can choose any of the colors according to your preference.

You can choose the opal color according to your outfit for special occasions. Many celebrities have worn this gemstone over the red carpet, which has increased its value.

Opal ring or pendant can be worn regularly, whereas earrings and necklaces can be worn during the parties because they will make many heads turns towards you. This crystal develops confidence and the ability to speak in front of everyone.

The paranormal gemstone- Tanzanite

Tanzanite is the blue-violet gemstone known for its color and beauty. It is the most stunning gemstone worn regularly for warding off the negative energies from life. It is specially made for the ones born in the month of December. This stone has gained popularity after the movie Titanic. Then, everybody wishes to wear this gemstone for fashion purposes. And honestly, this gemstone has captivated the hearts of people. Purchasing this gemstone would be the best decision to flaunt over social media.

Final Thoughts

These three gemstones are very rare and precious, as they appear ravishing and have wonderful healing properties. You can’t compare them, as they have different properties, but every stone is excellent in its place. You can get them through the website, Sagacia jewelry. The best place to buy 925 sterling silver jewelry at the most affordable prices.


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