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Sailing the sea without a ship

Humanity never ceases to amaze us. During the initial days of sea trade, only those that could afford a ship were able to ride the waves. Ingenious minds and creative thinkers have now come up with methods of sending your cargo across the sea even without a ship.


So what’s an NVOCC you ask. 1

Here’s a list of 10 Best NVOCC services. 2

1.      Expeditors. 2

2.      OEC Group. 2

3.      Apex Shipping. 2

4.      CFI Pak. 2

5.      Blue Anchor. 3

6.      Top Ocean Group. 3

7.      DB Schenker. 3

8.      Hency Group. 3

9.      Sea Masters. 3

10.         DSV – Global Transport and Logistics. 3

Conclusion. 3

So what’s an NVOCC you ask

NVOCC stands for Non-vessel Operating Common Carrier. Many people confuse NVOCC with freight forwarding companies. Although both the companies are completely different from one another they do perform some cross functions that make them sound similar.

The job of an NVOCC company is to rent space on sea vessels for your cargo at a special rate. These companies’ book spots beforehand and then lease out space after the freight forwarding company declares a ship as full. Other than this NVOCC companies also take care of your documentation and take full responsibility for your cargo.

In case of any loss or damage, you can file a claim against the NVOCC Company. They are fully responsible to handle the claim and provide whatever was decided. There is not much difference between an NVOCC and a freight forwarding company other than not owning a ship. NVOCC companies provide their own bill of lading. You can easily tell if you are dealing with an NVOCC or a freight forwarder by looking at the bill of lading. If the company you’re dealing with is an NVOCC you won’t get a direct mention of the company you are dealing with, instead, you would see NVOCC as an intermediary.

Here’s a list of 10 Best NVOCC services

You would be surprised to know that NVOCC companies provide more services than just moving goods from one port to another.

1.  CFI Pak

CFI is Pakistan’s number 1 NVOCC in Karachi. Being a native Pakistani company these guys know the customs rules and regulations of Pakistan. CFI Pak also offers cargo tracking service and handles documentation as well.

2.  Expeditors

Besides the basic NVOCC services, Expeditors provide shifting production source services as well. This means that if you want to shift your production from one country to another, Expeditors would help you in any way you want.

They provide digital logistics and have worked with Toyota as well. Their field of work is diversified over aerospace, oil and energy, fashion, and many more.

3.  OEC Group

OEC Group has relevant experience in the trade market. They provide air freight services along with the sea. Keeping an eye on the cargo is not any rocket science with the OEC group since they offer to track services as well.

One of the best features of the OEC group is their client advisory services in which they upload trade-related information on their website to maintain web traffic and keep their client aware of the world.

4.   Apex Shipping

Apex shipping is one step ahead of its competitors. Where the world is providing web tracking services Apex has launched its app that will track and keep a record of its user’s cargo. Apex has 600,000 sq ft of warehousing service and sits comfortably as the 3rd largest transpacific NVOCC Company.

5.  Blue Anchor

The blue anchor is a division of Transpac containers and provides full ocean services with its own bill of lading.

6.  Top Ocean Group

Top Ocean group has a very strong network around the world. With offices in over 6 continents, the top ocean group holds a strong global network that assists and caters to the customers.

7.  DB Schenker

DB Schemer is a Hong Kong-based NVOCC Company. They provide all sorts of freight transport facilities from Air to sea. They have an option for a special product that offers customized supply chain facilities to businesses whose products are diverse and need extra handling.

8.    Hency Group

The Hency group is one of the oldest NVOCC in the business. They cover air and ocean routes for freight transfer. The company also has cargo sales agents as well. Hency is one of the few NVOCC companies that provide courier services as well. For clients that any sort of special delivery method, Hency provides premium delivery service as well.

9.  Sea Masters

Sea masters is an international logistics service that provides NVOCC solutions. They cater to all routes of freight transport except for trains. With a wide variety of computer solutions services sea masters also offers web tracking services for cargo.

10. DSV – Global Transport and Logistics

DSV Global Transport and logistics are one of the oldest players in the business. Just like any other NVOCC provider, DSV covers all routes of freight transport except railway. DSV provides a project transport service as well. DSV is considered best when it comes to project transport since they have 20 years of relevant experience. Under the project transfer branch DSV caters to many industries. The most interesting one is the transportation of renewable energy. Aside from this DSV is world-renowned for its exceptional services.


NVOCC companies make trade easier for themselves and for their customers. Renting space on mega container ships is more cost-effective than buying one. All the businesses mentioned above have made logistics more convenient. Some companies even offer digital logistics services. They handle complete logistics for many big names in the market. Organizations that need to shift focus to their forte opt for complete logistics solutions from NVOCC or freight forwarding companies. They do so to facilitate their growth and development.


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